Excellence Award- Anhui Huabo Renewable Resources Technology Co., Ltd. Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

Recently, the Anhui Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology released the evaluation results of provincial enterprise technology centers in 2019.

The government utilises the Anhui Provincial Enterprise Technology Center to play a role in guiding enterprises to continuously improve their ability to innovate independently, establish dominant position in technological innovation and investment in technology. The company’s enterprise technology center helps to identify and give corresponding policy support.

Huabo Technology Enterprise Technology Center is an innovative platform built based on an industry leader with good innovation foundation, strong competitive advantages and driving force. It plays an important role in leading and supporting Anhui’s industrial transformation, upgrading, high-quality development and building an innovative Anhui Province.

Huabo Technology Enterprise Technology Center was awarded for its outstanding achievements in innovating resources, promoting implementation of scientific research projects, transformation of scientific and technological achievements.


2019 China Manufacturing Listed Companies Value Creation Top 500: Narada Power Source Co., Ltd

A few days ago, China Federation of Industrial Economics and the State Council SASAC Machinery Industry Economic Management Research Institute released the “White Paper on the Value Creation of Listed Chinese Manufacturing Companies in 2019” in Nantong, Jiangsu Province. Narada Power Supply was listed on the Top 500 Listed China Manufacturing Companies Value Creation 2019. With the strengthening of innovative practices, the company has appeared on various domestic and international lists.

Manufacturing is the foundation of a strong country. The list uses the four dimensions of capital, industrial, innovation, and social value of Listed Chinese Manufacturing Companies in 2019 as the criteria to balance and evaluate the value creation ability of enterprises.

Unlike many industries, the seemingly “conservative” manufacturing industry has been embracing cutting-edge technology. Narada has never stopped innovating in manufacturing. The company provides systematic products, solutions and operation services with advanced valve-regulated lead acid, lithium-ion, and fuel cells batteries as its core. Thus, it has became one of the leaders in various fields such as energy storage and resource regeneration.

Narada’s products and solutions fully support the transformation and upgrading of global energy. At the same time, Narada is also committed to transform innovative technologies into feasible productivity, opening up a new horizon for manufacturing, and to gain an advantage in assessing corporate value creation capabilities.

This ranking is the outcome of Narada’s long-standing adherence to high-quality development, industry’s recognition and affirmation of the company’s ability to create value.

Towards the future, the company will take “revitalizing of national energy industry” as its own mission, believing in high-quality, sustainable development to lead the transformation by using green ecology, and strengthen the development potential in the industry. Making important contributions to China’s transition from a large manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country.


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Narada 25th anniversary Celebration

On September 21, 1994, Narada Power Source Co., Ltd. was established, which opened the prologue to the development of the company. On September 20th, the eve of the company’s 25th anniversary, Narada held a grand ceremony to award commemorative badges to employees of 20 years, 10 years, 5 years, and above 1 year old. In addition to the headquarters venue, Lin’an Production Center, Narada Power Technology, Anhui Transportation Management Center, Wuhan Narada, Guojian Narada, and Changxing Narada, six major venues were set up at the same time to celebrate our company’s 25th anniversary.










Anhui Huabo Renewable Resources Technology Co., Ltd. listed for top 50 manufacturers in Anhui Province 2018 Our CEO Mr. Zhu Baoyi ranks 50 outstanding entrepreneurs

On June 17, 2019, the “Notice on the list of 50 top enterprises in the manufacturing industry in 2018 and the list of 50 outstanding entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry” was issued. On September 21, the result was officially released in the World Manufacturing Conference Manufacturing Powerhouse Construction Expert Forum 2019!

Anhui Huabo Renewable Resources Technology Co., Ltd. is listed for Top 50 of Anhui Manufacturer in 2018 !

Mr. Zhu Baoyi, our CEO, is on the list of 50 outstanding entrepreneurs!


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Anhui Huabo Renewable Resources Technology Co., Ltd. selected for the list of Top 100 Operating Income and Top 100 Manufacturing Industry

On August 28th, one of Narada’s subsidiary Huabo Technology has been selected for the list of top 100 operating income and top 100 manufacturing industry among all private enterprises in Anhui Province in 2019.

It is reported that the survey on the operation of large-scale private enterprises in Anhui Province and the top 100 activities have been carried out for 21 consecutive years. The entry threshold for the top 100 has increased from $ 336.79 million in the previous year to $ 434.45 million, an increase of $ 97.66 million, the highest in the past five years.

In 2018, Huabo Technology’s operating income was $ 628.67 million, an increase of 7% year-on-year and the tax paid was $112 million, a year-on-year increase of 26.67%. In recent years, Huabo Technology has focused on the goal of “building a first-class demonstration base for comprehensive utilization of renewable resources”, and has maintained a strong development in the international non-ferrous metal market.


Up to now, Huabo Technology has applied for 75 national patents, authorized 11 invention patents, and authorized utility model patents. It undertakes a provincial-level science and technology project “Study on key technologies for comprehensive utilization of waste in the process of regenerative refining of lead-lead batteries” as well as another major city project of “Research and industrialization of high-efficiency energy-saving smelting and solid waste comprehensive utilization technology for recycled lead paste”. Huabo has also participated in establishment of three national standards and four corporate standards. It has successively won the honorary titles of “National Green Factory”, “Anhui Enterprise Technology Certification Center”, “Anhui Province Innovative Enterprise”, “Provincial Standardization Model Enterprise” and “Top 20 Private Enterprises in Anhui Province”, etc.


Narada Won the Two Awards for China’s Top 100 Renewable Energy Companies in 2018

Fri,18 Jan, 2019 //

2018 The 8th session of the “One Belt and One Road” Distributed Energy Innovation Development Forum for the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the 2018 Leading China Renewable Energy Pioneer 100 Awarding Ceremony was held in Nanjing. Narada was invited as a representative of the outstanding renewable energy company and won two awards.

As a global leader in the energy storage industry, Narada has stood out among many participating companies with its outstanding performance in terms of technological innovation, brand influence and market competitiveness. After receiving many honors of energy storage industries in 2018, Narada won the “Renewable Energy Storage Application Brand” award again.



In the five-year period, Narada’s energy storage business realized the leap-forward development from battery to system to investment operation, and achieved rapid development in the field of distributed energy and energy Internet by building an energy management platform. Narada was awarded the title of “Excellent Entrepreneur” for its outstanding development.


The selection activities centered on innovation, coordination, environmental protection, openness, and sharing of the five development concepts. The activities focused on promoting the supply-side structural reform in the renewable energy sector, stimulating the innovation and development strategy of the renewable energy industry, accelerating the transformation and upgrading, and promoting the new journey of high-quality development of renewable energy.


Narada Participates in the EU Africa-aid Project to Ensure the Stability of Villagers’ Electricity Consumption

Mon,07 Jan, 2019 //

A few days ago, the EU Africa-aid energy storage project that Narada participated in was officially put into operation.

This photovoltaic off-grid project, which adopts the modular pre-installed energy storage power station solution provided by Narada, with plug-and-play function and direct access to local solar energy system.


Because of the poor energy infrastructure in Africa, resulting in power instability and high losses, it has seriously affected local life and economy. In the villages where the project is implemented, only 15% of the population uses electricity, and most of the villagers make a living by fishing.

Due to long-term power shortages, fishermen cannot store fish for a long time. The local economy and life are greatly affected, and the demand for electricity is very strong.

One site 200KW/400KWh energy storage system of this project can alleviate the shortage of electricity used by 500 local villagers, ensure the stability of power supply, and provide convenience for local life and economy.

Narada continuously promoted the scale-up of commercial energy storage projects, and achieved breakthroughs in distributed energy storage on the user side, distributed energy storage on the grid side, and demand side response.

This project will further promote the landing of Narada Energy Storage System in a variety of scenarios, which will have a profound impact on the future layout of Narada and promotion in the global energy storage market.


Narada won the 2018 PR Newswire International Brand Communication Award

Wed,19 Dec, 2018 //

On December 13, the 7th “PR Newswire Communications Forum” and Corporate Communication Award was held by PR Newswire in Shanghai.

Narada was invited to participate in the forum with the influence of industry communication, and gathered together with the world’s authoritative media, public relations agencies and leaders of various industries to stand out in more than 3,000 trade companies and won the international “Brand Communication Award”.


Zheng Yan, General Manager of Narada Overseas Market& EPC BU, attended the awards ceremony as the awarding guest (third from left)


Narada has always had outstanding performance in international brand marketing communication and has been recognized by the industry.

Narada has always had outstanding performance in international brand marketing communication and has been recognized by the industry. In the first half of 2018, Brand Finance, the UK’s leading brand value consulting company, released the “Brand Finance China 300” list in 2018. Narada was listed for the first time with the influence of brand value.

Narada’s products are sold in 158 countries, the international influence is rising, and the industry status is constantly improving, and its business areas span four major industries of communication, energy storage, motive and data center, making “NARADA” internationally renowned, which is the headline of many international industry media.



Qatar Television Filmed Narada

Tue,18 Dec, 2018 //

Recently,Qatar Television made a special trip to Narada to film the fourth season documentary of the “In the step of Travelers”, showing the ever-changing Chinese battery manufacturing benchmarking company – Narada.

Since 2003, Narada has been actively deploying overseas markets, and the products are sold in 158 countries all over the world. NARADA has become an international well-known brand. Eight years ago, Narada expanded business to Qatar and has been a strategic partner of Qatar’s largest communication operator—Ooredoo. Narada has developed a total power solution for its multiple national subnets by using high-temperature batteries and other energy storage batteries, which have been highly recognized by customers.


Narada’s high-temperature battery is designed with its patented excellent anti-corrosion alloy technology, unique electrolyte additives, special high temperature resistant shell material and advanced pressure and impact resistant structure. It can be used at high temperature and solve the problem of fast decay of battery’s life in the local high-temperature environment effectively.

Qatar Television hopes to showcase the production base and R&D center behind the well-known brand NARADA to Qatar and the Arab region people to explore the mystery of Narada’s rapidly development.


Hand in hand with Alibaba, Narada porwer continues to set future directions of data center power conservation

Hand in hand with Alibaba, Narada porwer continues to set future directions of data center power conservation


Recently, Narada has become the winning bidder and main rechargeable batteries supplier for one of Alibaba’s cloud computing data centers, Athub HB33 and one of GDS’s cloud computing data centers. This marks the full customer recognition and acceptance of Narada’s back-up power supply products in data center related application fields and will hopefully become the important driver of Narada’s back-up power supply business growth in upcoming future.

With the rapid development of Internet and data related business, the demand for data storage and big data has seen a substantial growth. China’s leading Internet companies such as the “BAT” are making consistent investment in the construction of data centers, pushing related coverage and usage to a new level thus creating greater market potential. As one of the most important necessities for data centers, back-up rechargeable batteries will have a predictable growth in demand.

To accommodate the modular needs of future data computer sites, specific batteries’ development should be focusing on higher capacity, longer life, narrower size and better in modularization.

With its independent and leading data center related back-up power technologies, abundant practical accumulation, Narada continues to launch several series of complete industrial solutions such as high capacity batteries for IDC, aligning with the needs of customers from different fields, covering the whole service process including data center batteries design, hardware equipment and project integration.

Narada’s products and services have been successfully employed in large projects like Alibaba’s Qiandao Lake data center, China telecom’s cloud computing center in inner Mongolia, and GDS’s cloud computing data center etc, helping customers to achieve goals of lower power consumptions and higher economic benefits.

Relying on Alibaba cloud as its platform, Alibaba is committed to provide safe and dependable computing and data processing power through methods of online public services, thus making data computing and AI truly beneficial for everyone.

Narada and Alibaba are joining hands in data center business this time. With the advanced IDC back-up battery technology, Narada will help Alibaba in constructing its new generation data centers that are excellent in performance and industrial leading, pushing the realization process of the infinite potential provided by cloud computing and big data, helping the further development of the Internet economy, making Alibaba the paragon Internet platform provider in China.

Narada and Alibaba will advance and deepen their cooperation in different fields like data center business, new energy storage and automotive power in the upcoming future, consistently powering the global development of new energy industry.