Narada on the List of Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises 2018

Friday, 28 Sep,2018 //

Recently, the List of Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises 201 was released, Narada was listed for the first time with an operating income of 8.663681 billion yuan. With the continuous strengthening of innovation practice, Narada has emerged in various lists at home and abroad.

It is reported that this is the 14th consecutive release of the list of “Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises” by the Chinese Enterprise Federation and the Chinese Entrepreneurs Association. The list is based on the business income of 2017.

In 2017, Narada achieved business income of 8.637 billion yuan, business income and net profit increased by 20.94% and 15.65% respectively, which further consolidating the position of Narada as a global leader in high-end industrial batteries and a pioneer in the field of smart energy.

In recent years, Narada has deployed smart energy storage and green travel business actively, steadily developed telecom and IDC backup power business, and expanded the industrial chain through resource recycling, achieving rapid growth in performance.

Narada on the list this time is the result of Narada’s insistence on carrying out all-round innovation and practice in the fields of market layout, business model, technology research and development, and management.

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