Qatar Television Filmed Narada


Tue,18 Dec, 2018 //

Recently,Qatar Television made a special trip to Narada to film the fourth season documentary of the “In the step of Travelers”, showing the ever-changing Chinese battery manufacturing benchmarking company – Narada.

Since 2003, Narada has been actively deploying overseas markets, and the products are sold in 158 countries all over the world. NARADA has become an international well-known brand. Eight years ago, Narada expanded business to Qatar and has been a strategic partner of Qatar’s largest communication operator—Ooredoo. Narada has developed a total power solution for its multiple national subnets by using high-temperature batteries and other energy storage batteries, which have been highly recognized by customers.


Narada’s high-temperature battery is designed with its patented excellent anti-corrosion alloy technology, unique electrolyte additives, special high temperature resistant shell material and advanced pressure and impact resistant structure. It can be used at high temperature and solve the problem of fast decay of battery’s life in the local high-temperature environment effectively.

Qatar Television hopes to showcase the production base and R&D center behind the well-known brand NARADA to Qatar and the Arab region people to explore the mystery of Narada’s rapidly development.


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