Narada’s Start and Stop Batteries Fully Listed


The combination of high temperature and lead-carbon technology has brought about a leap in batteries, Narada’s start-stop battery leads technological revolution.


In August 2018, Narada officially launched the “Narada AGM start-stop battery”, giving it the first innovation “high temperature + lead carbon” technology, which greatly enhanced the stability of the battery while breaking through the performance.

The excellent performance of Narada AGM start-stop battery since its inception has become the standard equipment for many models. It can be seen that product innovation and technological revolution are the source of industry development.

The chief designer of Narada start-stop products said that this start-stop battery, which combines the wisdom of global experts, has a cold start performance of more than 35% compared with the traditional start-stop battery, and the cycle life is increased by 200%, effectively solving the slow start of the battery in the start-stop battery market. , heat-resistant, not durable and other user pain points.

In the previous product test, Narada AGM start-stop batteries with excellent deep discharge performance, cycle time and starting ability. Even in high temperature environment, it can be used normally and no longer loses water.

It is said that the Narada AGM start-stop battery uses the world’s leading AGM technology, AGM battery uses glass fiber separator, excellent performance, can maintain strong power output even in the most demanding environment. At the same time, AGM’s lean liquid design prevents acid stratification and is 100% maintenance-free.

In addition, the Narada AGM start-stop battery combines the key technologies of the two major batteries that Narada has overcome – high temperature technology and lead carbon technology.

The traditional VRLA batteries are very sensitive to temperature, and the optimum operating temperature is 20 – 25 C. After more than three years of dedicated research and development, through a number of technological innovations, Narada successfully launched high-temperature battery technology in 2011. This technology fills the gap in the industry, reaches the international leading level, and has won a number of innovation awards.

High temperature environments can accelerate battery aging. The start-stop battery that incorporates the high-temperature-resistant technology can work normally at a high temperature of 55 ° C, effectively solving the problem that the traditional battery is easy to aging and easy to lose water in a high temperature environment.

Since 2010, Narada has conducted research on high-energy super-battery technology, and cooperated with the People’s Liberation Army Institute of Chemical Defense and Harbin Institute of Technology. The lead carbon technology of Narada has reached the international advanced level in terms of carbon material technology and high specific power performance, and the innovative products have obtained 12 patent technologies. The Narada AGM start-stop battery combines the carbon material with the lead of the traditional anode material to form a composite anode, which greatly improves the battery’s rapid charge and discharge capacity, high rate charge and discharge performance and cycle life.

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