Narada won the award of Global Leading RES Project


Recently, the German CleanTech Institute (DCTI), an internationally renowned clean energy industry analysis organization awarded the “Global Leading RES Project” award to Narada, to recognize our technology leadership and demonstration role in the global energy storage industry.


German Cleantech Institute is the world’s leading analytical agency for the clean energy industry. Since its inception in 2008, it has continued to provide analysis and forecasting for the global clean energy industry and has selected several categories of annual new energy project awards.


The judging committee conducted comprehensive evaluations from various dimensions such as project influence and technological innovation, and finally awarded this international award to Germany’s FM energy storage PCR project of Narada.

The project located in the suburb of Leipzig, Germany. The initial construction capacity is 75MW. The first phase of the project has passed the certification and audit of the German power grid, and has officially participated in the European frequency grid primary frequency auxiliary service.


“Narada has accumulated a lot of practical experience in customizing high-quality energy storage solutions for customers. Narada Germany Frequency Regulation Energy Storage Project is one of the projects we are proud of.” Wu Xianzhang, vice president of Narada, said, “It is proved that Narada is a global leader in the development and delivery of innovative energy storage solutions once again.”

In 2018, the company continued to maintain its leading position in the industry. Market share and brand awareness have reached new highs, construction and commissioning capacity is about 1GWh, and investment projects are up 80% year-on-year. The newly added energy storage and commissioning volume is the first in China.

At the same time, with the rapid advancement of the grid-side energy storage market, Narada has fully developed the domestic grid side energy storage market, and the lithium-ion grid side-to-ship capacity ranks among the top three in China.

Narada has also solved the practical problems of using electricity and high electricity costs for products all over the world through products and solutions.

At present, Narada has provided nearly 100 demonstration and industrial energy storage solutions for global partners. In 2019, Narada will further optimize its overseas layout and open up overseas markets.

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