Narada received Social Citizen Award of the 7th International Carbon-Value Award


Narada received Social Citizen Award and president Chen Bo was named the Leader of Green and Low-Carbon Transformation Development that presented at the 7thInternational Carbon-Value Award which holds in Beijing before.


The International Carbon-Value Award was honoured as the medal of International Low-carbon and environment protector, which designed to promote the concept of low-carbon and find those enterprises who is environment-friendly and sustainability. Cause the creativity and development in the storage industry, Narada was considered the best representative of the concept to prompt sustainable development between economy and environment by judging panel.


As the leader of the storage industry in the world, Narada keeps exploring the new application model of Storage Pius, accelerate the realization of the business model in distributed energy and energy internet industries, and has been adjusted the generating side and the supply side, improved the utilization rate of wind and light energy. Meanwhile, Narada integrated its industrial chain to provide more green energy.


While the development of industry, Narada keeps its social responsibility in mind. Narada will provide further value to its customer and more green energy for the world.


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