Strategic cooperation agreement between Narada Power Source Co Ltd. and LS Industrial Systems Co Ltd


On December 2, Narada signed a strategic agreement with South Korea’s LS Industrial Systems Co Ltd (LSIS). The two parties will work together in global integrated energy services, resource recovery and other fields.

Gu Zijun (Chairman of LSIS), Pu Longxiang (President) Yu Shenggui (Director), Yuying Guo (General Manager), Zhu Baoyi (President of Narada), Wu Xianzhang (Vice President), Chen Jian (Chief Engineer), and Chen Liying (President’s Assistant) attended the signing ceremony. On behalf of Narada, President Zhu Baoyi signed a contract with the President of LSIS.

LSIS (formerly known as LG Power Generation) was founded in 1974 and originated from South Korea. It has 8 factories, 4 R&D centers and 1 Power Testing Technology Research Institute situated around the world. Relying on their technical strength and expertise accumulated after years of being in this power field, LSIS has developed to become the largest and most comprehensive electro-mechanical manufacturer in Korea. They are also the first manufacturer of industrial electrical automatic products in Korea.

With this strategic agreement, both companies will want to build a platform together to promote comprehensive energy services, application, market development to realize industrial technology upgrades.

This cooperation will help both parties to strengthen market development and increase efficiency. At the same time, integrated energy businesses such as energy storage, energy service methods that meets the needs of diversified energy production and consumption are used to increase the use of green energy to improve reliability and safety of electricity consumption.

Participants also conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on project progress, goals, plans, requirements of this cooperation, and reached a consensus on principles for handling related issues.

During the meeting, Chairman Gu Zijun and his party also visited Narada’s Supply National Enterprise Technology Center, National Accreditation Laboratory, Lithium Battery Energy Storage Power Plant, Valve-Regulated Battery Production Base, and learned more about the company’s technology innovation, talent introduction, future development planning, production and operation.

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