“Hangzhou Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise” in 2019- Narada Power Source Co., Ltd.

On November 13, Hangzhou Market Supervision Bureau, Municipal Party Committee Advertising Department, Municipal Development Committee, and Municipal Civilization Office recently announced the list of “Hangzhou Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise” status had been awarded to Narada

In order to receive the “Hangzhou Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise” status, they must possess the following five conditions:

  1. Hangzhou Enterprise Credit Linkage Supervision (Grade A) with good credit image
  2. Exclusion from any type of blacklist
  3. Willingness to strengthen corporate credit management
  4. Good foundation
  5. Strong idea of credit construction and innovative ability

Narada managed to establish themselves as a credit management enterprise. As they stayed true to their core values (integrity, responsibility, innovation, and dedication). By using informative management system, utilization of credit management, and promotion of sustainable development helped to win the trust of other honorary enterprises.



Anhui Province Smart Factory Certification 2019- Anhui Huabo Renewable Resources Technology Co., Ltd.

A few days ago, Anhui Provincial Department of Economics and Information announced that Anhui Huabo Renewable Resources Technology Co., Ltd. (AHRRT), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Narada Power Source Co. Ltd, lead recycling smart factory was identified as “2019 Anhui Smart Factory”.

In recent years, AHRRT had envisioned of a smart factory that meets the requirements of “Anhui Province Smart Factory Identification Management Method”. Combined with “Huabo Technology Smart Factory Construction Planning” and its management expertise, it has revolutionized the guidelines of a smart factory. Thus, becoming a model for future smart factories to learn from and replicate.

AHRRT’s lead recycling smart factory project has became a model in terms of overall design, process flow and layout, which can realize visualization of production process data, optimization of production process, full-process monitoring, logistics control, energy flow, physical properties and assets. The integration of data acquisition, monitoring system and establishment of manufacturing execution system helps to achieve effective management of the factory’s procurement process.

During the construction phase, UGNX three-dimensional digital innovation platform was adopted and help the company to improve its product development, innovation and management capabilities.

Through continuous improvement, AHRRT has fulfilled dynamic optimization in production process, manufacturing visualization , management information and significantly improved the intelligence level in terms of resource allocation, process optimization, control, industrial chain management, energy saving, emission reduction and safe production.

AHRRT’s lead recycling smart factory meets the standards and requirements of “Made in China 2025”, providing innovative ideas for lead recycling factories, which serves to improve the modern and intelligent manufacturing factories.

This certification has demonstrated that the company’s determination to implement and develop smart manufacturing.


Excellence Award- Anhui Huabo Renewable Resources Technology Co., Ltd. Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

Recently, the Anhui Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology released the evaluation results of provincial enterprise technology centers in 2019.

The government utilises the Anhui Provincial Enterprise Technology Center to play a role in guiding enterprises to continuously improve their ability to innovate independently, establish dominant position in technological innovation and investment in technology. The company’s enterprise technology center helps to identify and give corresponding policy support.

Huabo Technology Enterprise Technology Center is an innovative platform built based on an industry leader with good innovation foundation, strong competitive advantages and driving force. It plays an important role in leading and supporting Anhui’s industrial transformation, upgrading, high-quality development and building an innovative Anhui Province.

Huabo Technology Enterprise Technology Center was awarded for its outstanding achievements in innovating resources, promoting implementation of scientific research projects, transformation of scientific and technological achievements.


Strategic cooperation agreement between Narada Power Source Co Ltd. and LS Industrial Systems Co Ltd

On December 2, Narada signed a strategic agreement with South Korea’s LS Industrial Systems Co Ltd (LSIS). The two parties will work together in global integrated energy services, resource recovery and other fields.

Gu Zijun (Chairman of LSIS), Pu Longxiang (President) Yu Shenggui (Director), Yuying Guo (General Manager), Zhu Baoyi (President of Narada), Wu Xianzhang (Vice President), Chen Jian (Chief Engineer), and Chen Liying (President’s Assistant) attended the signing ceremony. On behalf of Narada, President Zhu Baoyi signed a contract with the President of LSIS.

LSIS (formerly known as LG Power Generation) was founded in 1974 and originated from South Korea. It has 8 factories, 4 R&D centers and 1 Power Testing Technology Research Institute situated around the world. Relying on their technical strength and expertise accumulated after years of being in this power field, LSIS has developed to become the largest and most comprehensive electro-mechanical manufacturer in Korea. They are also the first manufacturer of industrial electrical automatic products in Korea.

With this strategic agreement, both companies will want to build a platform together to promote comprehensive energy services, application, market development to realize industrial technology upgrades.

This cooperation will help both parties to strengthen market development and increase efficiency. At the same time, integrated energy businesses such as energy storage, energy service methods that meets the needs of diversified energy production and consumption are used to increase the use of green energy to improve reliability and safety of electricity consumption.

Participants also conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on project progress, goals, plans, requirements of this cooperation, and reached a consensus on principles for handling related issues.

During the meeting, Chairman Gu Zijun and his party also visited Narada’s Supply National Enterprise Technology Center, National Accreditation Laboratory, Lithium Battery Energy Storage Power Plant, Valve-Regulated Battery Production Base, and learned more about the company’s technology innovation, talent introduction, future development planning, production and operation.

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Top 100 Enterprises in Zhejiang Province- Narada Power Source Co Ltd.

A few days ago, the Zhejiang Academy of Science and Technology Development Strategy and the Provincial Institute of Science and Technology Information announced that Narada was shortlisted under the “2019 Top 100 National High-Tech Enterprise Innovation Capabilities of Zhejiang Province” list and even in the top ten companies in the new energy and energy-saving technologies field.

At the end of 2018, a total of 11,931 effective high-tech national enterprises in the province, but only 11,815 companies participated in the evaluation. According to information collected, experts‘ scientific methods were used to demonstrate the ranking of top 100 companies. Based on this method, they gauged by separating individual indicators and technical fields such as invention patents, research and development funds, main business income, R&D personnel and new products to determine top ten companies. The top ten were selected based on the enterprises’ innovation capabilities in districts and cities.

In recent years, Narada has actively deployed smart energy storage, green mobility services, steadily developed communications, data services and expanded the industrial chain through resource regeneration to achieve rapid performance growth.

By receiving this prestige, Narada continues to develop its market in all-rounded innovation, constant practice in areas of the market layout, business model, technology research, development and management.

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Deputy Governor of Anhui Province and Secretary of Fuyang Municipal Party Committee, Visited Narada Power Source Co Ltd.

On 15th November, Yang Guangrong (Deputy Governor of Anhui Province), secretary of Fuyang Municipal Party Committee and his party went to Hangzhou to visit Zhejiang Narada Power Source Co., Ltd. Mr. Wang Bo (Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee), Liu Yujian (Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Municipal Economic Development Zone), Wang Jiaren (Director of Municipal Development and Reform Commission), Gao Wenjun (Director of the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology), Xu Huidong (Secretary of the Jieshou Municipal Party Committee), Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government and other leaders participated in the meeting research. Wang Haiguang (Chairman of Narada), Wang Yueneng (Vice Chairman), Zhu Baoyi (President), Wang Yingjiao (Vice President) and Chen Liying (Assistant President) accompanied the guests.

Governor Yang and his party visited Narada’s National Enterprise Technology Center, National Approved Laboratory, Energy Storage Demonstration Power Plant and Lithium Power Production Base to learn more about the company’s production, operation, technological innovation, investment composition, project promotion, talent introduction, planning and development.

Following which, at a forum, Chairman Wang Haiguang detailed the development and innovation of Narada in the energy industry. On behalf of Narada, he thanked Anhui Province and Fuyang City for their strong support. Together with Anhui Province and Fuyang City, Narada will look to continue the cooperation for further joint development.

Governor Yang affirmed the innovation and development of Narada. He pointed out that with the rapid economic development of Anhui and Zhejiang, the economic cooperation has formed a new all-rounded dimension. Narada is a product of the economic cooperation between the two places. It hopes that Narada will be able to integrate Fuyang’s development strategy, explore new development paths, fulfill social responsibilities, by relying on its own advantage to create industrial transfer agglomeration areas for future cooperation. By continuing to extend the industrial chain to strengthen the industry to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.

Governor Yang requested to fully grasp the enterprise’s project production, operation, construction cycle, capital turnover, talent introduction, technological transformation, product upgrades, future development to coordinate , service, guarantee, and promote project cooperation in the future to continuously improve and achieve practical results.

At the meeting, Xu Huidong (secretary of the Jieshou Municipal Party Committee), and Wang Haiguang (Chairman of Narada), signed a “new lead-carbon energy storage battery project” cooperation agreement. Both parties will further deepen the cooperation on the basis of complementary resource advantages to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

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2019 China Manufacturing Listed Companies Value Creation Top 500: Narada Power Source Co., Ltd

A few days ago, China Federation of Industrial Economics and the State Council SASAC Machinery Industry Economic Management Research Institute released the “White Paper on the Value Creation of Listed Chinese Manufacturing Companies in 2019” in Nantong, Jiangsu Province. Narada Power Supply was listed on the Top 500 Listed China Manufacturing Companies Value Creation 2019. With the strengthening of innovative practices, the company has appeared on various domestic and international lists.

Manufacturing is the foundation of a strong country. The list uses the four dimensions of capital, industrial, innovation, and social value of Listed Chinese Manufacturing Companies in 2019 as the criteria to balance and evaluate the value creation ability of enterprises.

Unlike many industries, the seemingly “conservative” manufacturing industry has been embracing cutting-edge technology. Narada has never stopped innovating in manufacturing. The company provides systematic products, solutions and operation services with advanced valve-regulated lead acid, lithium-ion, and fuel cells batteries as its core. Thus, it has became one of the leaders in various fields such as energy storage and resource regeneration.

Narada’s products and solutions fully support the transformation and upgrading of global energy. At the same time, Narada is also committed to transform innovative technologies into feasible productivity, opening up a new horizon for manufacturing, and to gain an advantage in assessing corporate value creation capabilities.

This ranking is the outcome of Narada’s long-standing adherence to high-quality development, industry’s recognition and affirmation of the company’s ability to create value.

Towards the future, the company will take “revitalizing of national energy industry” as its own mission, believing in high-quality, sustainable development to lead the transformation by using green ecology, and strengthen the development potential in the industry. Making important contributions to China’s transition from a large manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country.



China Most Popular Lead Recycle companies in 2019 – Anhui Huabo Renewable Resources Technology Co., Ltd.

A few days ago, after two weeks of voting, Anhui Huabo Renewable Resources Technology Co., Ltd. (AHRRT) topped the list with 14,371 votes in the “2019 National Most Popular Lead Recycling Enterprise” selection campaign initiated by Shanghai Steel Federation and My Nonferrous Metals.

AHRRT was established in April 2014, and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Narada Power Co Ltd. It is a pillar enterprise of the Tianying Industrial Park in Jieshou High-tech Zone, the national “urban mineral base”.

The company recycles 1.2 million tons of used batteries and lead-containing waste annually, and has an annual output of 600,000 tons of recycled lead. It has become one of the largest and most powerful lead recycle processing companies in the world. The major power plants have established close cooperation, and their supply areas cover all parts of the country.

In recent years, based on the goal of “creating a first-class demonstration base for comprehensive utilization of renewable resources”,  AHRRT has paid close attention to project construction, ecological construction and talent team construction, practiced green development, innovative service behavior, and promoted the company’s industrial upgrading. To create a characteristic road focusing on the lead recycled industry, and maintain a strong momentum of development against the macro backdrop of slowing international economic growth and domestic economic growth.

In the future,  AHRRT will continue to practice the concept of ecological priority and green development, continue to extend the industrial chain, fully recycle renewable resources, achieve environmentally sustainable development, promote the smart energy revolution, and create a green and beautiful life.


Narada attended the 4th China Energy Storage Technology and Application Exhibition

On October 10, 2019, the 4th China Energy Storage Technology and Application Exhibition (CESE) 2019 was grandly opened in Shenzhen Exhibition Center. Narada arrived with its products and Mr. Wu Xianzhang, Vice President of the company, was invited to participate in the opening ceremony.

At this energy storage feast, Narada showed its lithium-ion energy storage technology, energy storage system and energy storage applications, as well as commercial energy storage projects. In addition to the display of products, systems and solutions, the VR experience is also set up. Visitors can promenade in the future technology city Xiba Energy Storage Power Station and Wuxi Singapore Smart Distribution Network Energy Storage Power Station,which showed the comprehensive strength of Narada. This exhibition featuring professional and technology has attracted many audiences and left a deep impression on them.


Liu Yanlong, Secretary of China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, Liu Yong, Secretary of Energy Storage Application Branch, and other experts visited Narada’s Booth. Wu Xianzhang gave a detailed introduction of Narada’s energy storage technology, products and applications. The achievement of Narada in the field of energy storage has been highly praised.


Meanwhile, in the “Sixth Energy Storage Technology Application Seminar in Distributed Power Supply and Microgrid”, Yu Jianhua, deputy general manager of Narada Energy Internet department, delivered a speech of“Value Analysis of Energy Storage Business Model”, and shared business models, application results, technological innovations and industry trends in the field of energy storage.


Annotation 2019-09-27 092914

Narada 25th anniversary Celebration

On September 21, 1994, Narada Power Source Co., Ltd. was established, which opened the prologue to the development of the company. On September 20th, the eve of the company’s 25th anniversary, Narada held a grand ceremony to award commemorative badges to employees of 20 years, 10 years, 5 years, and above 1 year old. In addition to the headquarters venue, Lin’an Production Center, Narada Power Technology, Anhui Transportation Management Center, Wuhan Narada, Guojian Narada, and Changxing Narada, six major venues were set up at the same time to celebrate our company’s 25th anniversary.