Yang Guangrong, Deputy Governor of Anhui Province and Secretary of Fuyang Municipal Party Committee, Visited Nandu Power


On November 15, Yang Guangrong, deputy governor of Anhui Province and secretary of Fuyang Municipal Party Committee, and his party went to Hangzhou to investigate and visit Zhejiang Nandu Power Supply Co., Ltd. Mr. Wang Bo, member of the Standing Committee and Secretary-General of the Fuyang Municipal Committee of Anhui Province, Liu Yujian, Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Economic Development Zone, Wang Jiaren, Director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Gao Wenjun, Director of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau, and Xu Huidong, Secretary of the Jieshou Municipal Party Committee and other leaders participated in the meeting Research. Nandu Power Chairman Wang Haiguang, President Zhu Baoyi, Vice Chairman Wang Yueneng, Vice President Wang Yingjiao, and Assistant President Chen Liying accompanied the investigation.

Governor Yang and his party successively visited Nandu Power National Enterprise Technology Center, National Approved Laboratory, Nandu Energy Storage Demonstration Power Plant, and Nandu Lithium Power Production Base to learn more about the company’s production and operation, technological innovation, investment composition, project promotion, talent introduction, and development. Planning, etc.

At a subsequent forum, Chairman Wang Haiguang reported in detail the independent innovation of Nandu Power and its development in the new energy industry. On behalf of Nandu Power, he thanked Anhui Province and Fuyang City for their strong support for Nandu Power development, and said that Nandu Power will continue to deepen cooperation with Anhui Province and Fuyang City for joint development.

Governor Yang fully affirmed the innovation and development of Nandu Power. He pointed out that with the economic development of Anhui and Zhejiang, the economic cooperation between Anhui and Zhejiang has formed a comprehensive and multi-sectoral pattern. Nandu Power Supply is a microcosm of economic cooperation between the two places. It is hoped that Nandu Power will integrate Fuyang’s development strategy in future cooperation, actively explore new development paths, fulfill social responsibilities, rely on its own advantages to create industrial transfer agglomeration areas, continue to extend the industrial chain, and expand and strengthen advantageous industries to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results. Develop together.

Governor Yang required to fully grasp the enterprise’s project production and operation, construction cycle, capital turnover, talent introduction, technological transformation, product upgrades, future development, etc., and take the initiative to do a good job of coordination, service and guarantee, and promote project cooperation. Continuously deepen and achieve practical results.

At the meeting, Xu Huidong, secretary of the Jieshou Municipal Party Committee, and Wang Haiguang, chairman of Nandu Power, signed a “new lead-carbon energy storage battery project” cooperation agreement. Both parties will further deepen cooperation on the basis of complementary resource advantages to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.lolol lolol

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