Huabo Technology waste battery high-efficiency green treatment and comprehensive recycling project landing trial


Monday, 29 Oct, 2018 //

On October 25th, Huabo Technology’s high-efficiency green processing and comprehensive recycling and reuse demonstration project for waste batteries was announced to enter the trial production stage. After the completion of production, it is expected to provide more than 600 jobs to promote regional economic development.


   The project was invested by Narada and built in the Jieshou High-tech Zone of Fuyang City. The project covers an area of 158,667 square meters. After the project is completed, it can add 600,000 tons of used batteries and 66,600 tons of lead-containing waste every year. The annual output of new recycled lead exceeds 450,000 tons.

   The project adopts the international advanced pre-treatment automatic sorting process, combined with the lead-gate low-temperature melting casting system and the oxygen-enriched double-side blowing pool melting furnace system independently developed by Huabo Technology. It effectively solves the key technical problems of high comprehensive energy consumption and low comprehensive utilization of resources in the industry, and the recovery rate of metal and plastic can reach over 99%.

   The second phase construction project of Huabo Technology is an important platform for the layout of Narada New Energy Industry and the establishment of a closed loop of the industrial chain, which plays an important supporting role for the strategic transformation of Narada.

   The project applies advanced, green and efficient production processes and equipment at home and abroad, adopts the most stringent environmental protection control system, realizes harmless treatment in the whole process, and builds the world’s leading green processing and comprehensive recycling production line for used batteries.

   After the production, Huabo Technology’s waste battery will have a total processing capacity of more than one million tons, becoming the world’s largest lead resource recycling plant. At the same time, the recycling and processing costs will further decline, and the profitability will increase, which will form a strong scale advantage.


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