The classic Narada project of energy storage


PV-wind-diesel & storage project in Dongfushan island

The DongFuShan island is located at northeastern maritime space of Zhoushan archipelagos, which contains abundant wind and solar resource. Due to remote geographical location, the power supply here is always provided by diesel generators for hundreds of local inhabitants, and only for 2hours per day.


500KWh micro-grid project in Dongfushan island

▲500KWh micro-grid project in Dongfushan island

For this reason, a 500KW micro-grid system has been built up since Oct. 2010, which consists of wind power, solar power, diesel engine and energy storage. The system was finally put into operation on May 2011, that could supply over 95% loads on the island, which is with high technical difficulty and quite significant in demonstrative project of energy storage.

This project was the first large-scale micro-grid system for application in isolated island in China at that time, whose wiring was arranged without any grid connection. The micro-grid system is mainly supported by renewable energy, auxiliarily by diesel fuel, that not only meets the load requirements on the island, but also supplies power for a desalination plant with daily treatment of 50 tons sea water.

The whole micro-grid project is a sort of autonomy system of energy management, and self-controlled system, made up by a 100kwp PV solar system, a 210kwp wind generation system, a 200kwp diesel generation, and 1MWh advanced storage system.

The system is designed by Zhejiang Electric Power Research Institute, constructed by Narada power and other sub-contractors, with advantages of that more reliability of power supply, more safety reinforcement, central management of distributed powers.


The batteries array for the micro-grid system

The batteries array for the micro-grid system

The storage solution of Narada is specifically designed for the micro-grid system combined with the wind, solar or other new energy generation, very suitable for applications with multiple recycles because of those advantages such as: long service life, high reliability, good economical and energy efficiency, that is a good choice for energy storage in large power station or telecom basement…etc.

Since March 2011, the micro-grid is under smooth operation and full automatization, without any manual intervention, which can realize the maximum and reasonable utilization of energy storage. Narada batteries ensure high security and efficiency for this system by operation mode of “smooth power loads at daytime and continuous power supply at night”



The monitoring platform for the micro-grid system

The monitoring platform for the micro-grid system

In virtue of wonderful active balance, enough large capacity and long service life, the system has steadily provided the whole island with green power for more than five years, which has dramatically reduced power consumption from diesel generation, and realized green energy all around this beautiful island, promoted the economy of local traveling.

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