Narada Lithium-ion Battery Green High-efficient Recycling Project Signed

On August 8, 2019, Xu Huidong, secretary of the Jieshou Municipal Party Committee of Anhui Province, and Fan Li, director of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China, visited Narada, accompanied by Chairman Wang Haiguang, President Zhu Baoyi, Vice Chairman Wang Yueneng, and Vice President Wang Yingjiao. They have visited the Narada Lithium Battery Production Base, the product showroom, the energy Internet energy storage cloud platform management system, etc. Secretary Xu listened the introduction of Narada and expressed his high recognition for the advanced on-site management, innovative products and system applications of Narada.




At the signing ceremony, Chairman Wang Haiguang, on behalf of the Board of Directors, expressed deep gratitude to the leaders of Jieshou City for their support to Narada, and said that Narada will continue to deepen cooperation with the city of Jieshou in the future and work together for development.


Secretary Xu said that Narada has already had a global vision in the field of renewable energy. The growth in the next three years is explosive. At the same time, Jieshou City has a very obvious advantage in the whole industrial chain layout of the battery. It is necessary to fully integrate with Narada, vigorously support the development of Narada, promote the local economy development, and create a better future.


Narada Renewable Energy City Matching Solution Shines Global Future Mobility Conference 2018

Thurday, 18 Oct, 2018 //

September 20-23, The 2nd Global Future Travel Conference 2018 was held in Hangzhou. The conference integrates industry-related industrial system resources such as the world’s top think tanks, core companies and government management departments to jointly explore the development and innovation trends of the global future travel industry.

Narada exhibited a lithium battery system solution for renewable energy vehicles and a new 4.2-meter van developed jointly with Dongfeng Special Auto.



The global automotive industry is ushering in a historic change. The Dongfeng 4.2-meter van, which is jointly developed by Narada and Dongfeng Special Automobile Company, has a full-load range of more than 200 kilometers. It is the best choice for city distribution, short-haul and special line transportation.

Narada pure electric truck lithium iron phosphate battery system equipped with trucks adopts 91.4Kwh power configuration, with excellent consistency, long cycle life and reliable connection between batteries. The battery design space has high utilization rate and high safety, while taking into account the later stage utilization.


On the exhibition, Gao Kai, general manager of Narada Renewable Energy Vehicle Motive Power Division, delivered a speech entitled “Proposal for Renewable Energy Logistics Vehicle Operation Plan” on the global green logistics industry conference.

He said that in recent years, more and more cities in China have imposed restrictions on traditional fuel vehicles, and the booming express delivery and other urban light goods businesses have formed a contradiction, which has led to the market demand for renewable energy logistics vehicles, but the cost of using renewable energy vehicles is still higher than that of traditional fuel vehicles. How to reduce costs has become the focus of attention.

Gao Kai explained to the guests how to reduce the comprehensive use cost of vehicles through upstream and downstream industry cooperation, collaborative innovation, battery recycling, etc., which triggered a strong response.







Narada’s Black Technology Of Energy Storage Shines Intersolar Europe

Thursday, 5th Jul, 2018 //

From June 20th-22nd, the most influent solar and energy storage exhibition in the world—-Intersolar Europe, was held in Munich, Germany.

During the exhibition, the products of Narada had become the focus quickly. Besides the highly sought-after energy storage FM service, the Home Energy Storage System of Narada has also become a highlight of the show, attracting attention.


With the increasing of renewable energy generation, especially photovoltaics and wind power, its intermittent and unpredictability lead to short-term deviations in power supply and demand, resulting in unstable grid operation quality, especially frequency fluctuations. The demand for frequency modulation from the grid will accelerate.

In response to the demand of the global frequency modulation, Narada has realized the peak shaving and frequency regulation and intelligent energy management on the power generation side and the user side, changed the out-of-box mode of power system, reduced the peak capacity of the generator set, improved the utilization rate of power generation equipment with an innovative container type modular design.

The home energy storage system of Narada has also received great attention at the exhibition. Narada provides users with a variety of options such as lead-carbon and lithium battery.

Meanwhile, users can also install the home energy storage system intelligent control system according to their own needs. The control system continuously switches and adjusts the working state of the energy storage system according to the change of sunshine intensity and load, thus ensuring the continuity and stability of the whole system.