“Hangzhou Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise” in 2019- Narada Power Source Co., Ltd.

On November 13, Hangzhou Market Supervision Bureau, Municipal Party Committee Advertising Department, Municipal Development Committee, and Municipal Civilization Office recently announced the list of “Hangzhou Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise” status had been awarded to Narada

In order to receive the “Hangzhou Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise” status, they must possess the following five conditions:

  1. Hangzhou Enterprise Credit Linkage Supervision (Grade A) with good credit image
  2. Exclusion from any type of blacklist
  3. Willingness to strengthen corporate credit management
  4. Good foundation
  5. Strong idea of credit construction and innovative ability

Narada managed to establish themselves as a credit management enterprise. As they stayed true to their core values (integrity, responsibility, innovation, and dedication). By using informative management system, utilization of credit management, and promotion of sustainable development helped to win the trust of other honorary enterprises.


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Narada Signed a Cooperation Agreement with EDF Renewables on Advancing Battery Storage Projects in China

Narada announced the signature of a cooperation agreement to transact battery storage projects in China with EDF Renewables China, Chinese subsidiary of a global player in renewable energies.


The cooperation started with the acquisition agreement by EDF Renewables China of a battery storage owned and operated since September 2018 by Narada. The distributed 1.5MW/12MWh Zhenjiang Energy Storage solution is located in Jiangsu province, China.

The new agreement paves the way for the functional expansion of the project, which is set to provide up to 12,000kWh/day to a nearby recent industrial park.

“Narada is pleased to partner with EDF Renewables to deliver clean energy to its customers through Zhenjiang Energy Storage System project.” Said Mr. Wang Yueneng, Vice Chairman of Narada.

“EDF Renewables is excited about the partnership with Narada. Under this new innovative structure, with a battery storage system that can power the future by providing end-users with smart and sustainable energy solutions.” Said Mr. Tian Yue, CEO of EDF Renewables China.


Narada Lithium-ion Battery Green High-efficient Recycling Project Signed

On August 8, 2019, Xu Huidong, secretary of the Jieshou Municipal Party Committee of Anhui Province, and Fan Li, director of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China, visited Narada, accompanied by Chairman Wang Haiguang, President Zhu Baoyi, Vice Chairman Wang Yueneng, and Vice President Wang Yingjiao. They have visited the Narada Lithium Battery Production Base, the product showroom, the energy Internet energy storage cloud platform management system, etc. Secretary Xu listened the introduction of Narada and expressed his high recognition for the advanced on-site management, innovative products and system applications of Narada.




At the signing ceremony, Chairman Wang Haiguang, on behalf of the Board of Directors, expressed deep gratitude to the leaders of Jieshou City for their support to Narada, and said that Narada will continue to deepen cooperation with the city of Jieshou in the future and work together for development.


Secretary Xu said that Narada has already had a global vision in the field of renewable energy. The growth in the next three years is explosive. At the same time, Jieshou City has a very obvious advantage in the whole industrial chain layout of the battery. It is necessary to fully integrate with Narada, vigorously support the development of Narada, promote the local economy development, and create a better future.


Narada Won the Two Awards for China’s Top 100 Renewable Energy Companies in 2018

Fri,18 Jan, 2019 //

2018 The 8th session of the “One Belt and One Road” Distributed Energy Innovation Development Forum for the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the 2018 Leading China Renewable Energy Pioneer 100 Awarding Ceremony was held in Nanjing. Narada was invited as a representative of the outstanding renewable energy company and won two awards.

As a global leader in the energy storage industry, Narada has stood out among many participating companies with its outstanding performance in terms of technological innovation, brand influence and market competitiveness. After receiving many honors of energy storage industries in 2018, Narada won the “Renewable Energy Storage Application Brand” award again.



In the five-year period, Narada’s energy storage business realized the leap-forward development from battery to system to investment operation, and achieved rapid development in the field of distributed energy and energy Internet by building an energy management platform. Narada was awarded the title of “Excellent Entrepreneur” for its outstanding development.


The selection activities centered on innovation, coordination, environmental protection, openness, and sharing of the five development concepts. The activities focused on promoting the supply-side structural reform in the renewable energy sector, stimulating the innovation and development strategy of the renewable energy industry, accelerating the transformation and upgrading, and promoting the new journey of high-quality development of renewable energy.