Narada Chief Engineer Wu Xianzhang Dialogued on the Future of Energy APAC Summit

Mon,3 Dec, 2018 //

From November 27th to 28th, the Future of Energy APAC Summit hosted by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) was held in Shanghai. At the important node of the industry’s transformation and development, a large number of industry elites and professional scholars have gathered together to make suggestions for the future development of new energy in China and even Asia. As the global leader in the green smart energy industry, Wu Xianzhang, chief engineer of Narada, was invited to attend the summit.

Mr. Wu Xianzhang talked about the achievements of Narada in the field of high-end industrial batteries in the theme forum of “Battery’s Coming of Age: Technology Disruption, Scale and Potential (Plenary)”, and discussed the future development direction of China’s battery industry and the innovation trend of battery technology.


“With the global energy resource crisis and climate change, countries are actively promoting energy reform.” Wu Xianzhang, said, “The new energy industry is becoming a promising sunrise industry, and battery technology will be the core to this transformation. Promoting sustainable development with smart energy and green energy is also a forward-looking expectation for Narada’s future. ”

When asked about the development trend of power lithium battery technology, he said that there are many technical routes in the industry, and any route may have a breakthrough in technology in the future, but it needs to reach technology to achieve commercialization. Economic, this requires the synergy of the industrial chain. Although the new generation of high-energy power battery systems such as lithium-sulfur, lithium-air and all-solid-state batteries started late, the development momentum is rapid, and it is possible to achieve leap-forward development in the future.

“At present, Narada is cooperating with Zhejiang University to actively explore in the field of all-solid-state lithium battery technology, and strive to overcome the key technical problems of solid-state lithium batteries such as low ionic conductivity and poor interface compatibility of solid electrolyte materials.”

He also said that Narada is actively developing the lithium battery market for civilian power lithium batteries and new energy vehicles, actively exploring the use of lithium elevators, conducting lithium-ion battery recycling and new materials business, and improving the layout of the lithium battery industry chain.

Speaking of energy storage battery technology, Wu Xianzhang mentioned that Narada is one of the few companies in the world that has mastered the core technologies of lead-carbon and lithium-ion energy storage batteries, and is a leader in the energy storage industry of the world. Users can select the corresponding technical solution according to different application scenarios and power backup time.

The hybrid energy storage system of lithium-ion battery and lead carbon battery of Narada, taking into account the energy and power requirements of the energy storage system, can meet the peaking and frequency modulation requirements. It achieves a fast response and reduces the initial input cost by at least 50% compared to pure lithium battery systems, which is highly praised by users.

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The world’s largest lead resource efficient green recycling project is put into operation

Wed, 14 Nov, 2018 //

On November 11th, the high-efficiency green treatment and comprehensive recycling project of Huabo Technology’s waste lead battery was held in Jieshou City, Anhui Province.

 Wang Xianyi, deputy mayor of Fuyang City, Xu Huidong, secretary of Jieshou Municipal Party Committee, He Fengyang, mayor of Jieshou City, Wang Haiguang, chairman of Narada, Chen Bo, president of Narada, Zhu Baoyi, vice president of Narada, and Lin Shengkuan, general manager of Bank of China Zhejiang Branch, as well as the leaders of the city government, the main leaders , investors, customers of Narada and other news media attended the commissioning ceremony.


As a key construction project in Anhui Province, the high-efficiency green treatment and comprehensive recycling project of Huabo Technology’s waste lead battery has been highly valued and strongly supported by the state, province, city and ministries since the construction began in July 2017.

After 13 months of construction, the production line of the high-efficiency green treatment and comprehensive recycling project of Huabo Technology’s waste lead battery with the largest scale, most advanced technology, highest degree of automation and the most environmental protection level has been built, which has created a new milestone in the history of Narada.

Mr. Zhu Baoyi said that after the project is put into production, Huabo Technology’s waste lead battery will have a total processing capacity of 1.2 million tons per year, which will become the world’s largest lead resource recycling plant. Huabo Technology will make a greater contribution to the simultaneous and coordinated development of economic, social and environmental benefits.

The CEO of Narada, Chen Bo expressed his gratitude and condolences to the hard work, dedication of the team. He hoped that all Narada people would learn and promote the spirit of Huabo Technology.

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  After 24 years of development, Nrada has taken a leading position in the fields of smart energy storage, communication and IDC. The second phase of Huabo Technology will generate greater synergy with the company’s existing business and accelerate the strategic transformation of Narada.

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Huabo Technology waste battery high-efficiency green treatment and comprehensive recycling project landing trial

Monday, 29 Oct, 2018 //

On October 25th, Huabo Technology’s high-efficiency green processing and comprehensive recycling and reuse demonstration project for waste batteries was announced to enter the trial production stage. After the completion of production, it is expected to provide more than 600 jobs to promote regional economic development.


   The project was invested by Narada and built in the Jieshou High-tech Zone of Fuyang City. The project covers an area of 158,667 square meters. After the project is completed, it can add 600,000 tons of used batteries and 66,600 tons of lead-containing waste every year. The annual output of new recycled lead exceeds 450,000 tons.

   The project adopts the international advanced pre-treatment automatic sorting process, combined with the lead-gate low-temperature melting casting system and the oxygen-enriched double-side blowing pool melting furnace system independently developed by Huabo Technology. It effectively solves the key technical problems of high comprehensive energy consumption and low comprehensive utilization of resources in the industry, and the recovery rate of metal and plastic can reach over 99%.

   The second phase construction project of Huabo Technology is an important platform for the layout of Narada New Energy Industry and the establishment of a closed loop of the industrial chain, which plays an important supporting role for the strategic transformation of Narada.

   The project applies advanced, green and efficient production processes and equipment at home and abroad, adopts the most stringent environmental protection control system, realizes harmless treatment in the whole process, and builds the world’s leading green processing and comprehensive recycling production line for used batteries.

   After the production, Huabo Technology’s waste battery will have a total processing capacity of more than one million tons, becoming the world’s largest lead resource recycling plant. At the same time, the recycling and processing costs will further decline, and the profitability will increase, which will form a strong scale advantage.



Narada Provincial Key Enterprise Research Institute passed the acceptance review of Science Technology Department of Zhejiang Province.

Friday, 19 Oct, 2018 //

Narada Provincial Key Enterprise Research Institute passed the acceptance review of Science Technology Department of Zhejiang Province.

The Science Technology Department of Zhejiang Province organized an expert group to conduct on-site inspection and acceptance of the construction of the “Narada Equipment Electronics Research Institute”, which is based on the provincial key enterprise research institute established by Narada.

At the meeting, Wu Xianzhang, CTO of Narada, reported on the overall construction of the research institute’s operating mechanism, personnel training, research direction, results and applications.

The expert group affirmed the achievements since the establishment of the Equipment Electronics Research Institute. It believes that the Institute has carried out original and high-level research, completed the various indicators and contents required by the responsibility book, and agreed to pass the acceptance.

At the same time, the expert group hopes that the institute will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with well-known enterprises and research institutes at home and abroad, conduct research on key technologies of the industry, and better serve local economic development.

The Zhejiang Key Enterprise Research Institute is a pilot enterprise of industrial technology led by enterprises, which helps to enhance the technological innovation capability of enterprises and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.



Narada Renewable Energy City Matching Solution Shines Global Future Mobility Conference 2018

Thurday, 18 Oct, 2018 //

September 20-23, The 2nd Global Future Travel Conference 2018 was held in Hangzhou. The conference integrates industry-related industrial system resources such as the world’s top think tanks, core companies and government management departments to jointly explore the development and innovation trends of the global future travel industry.

Narada exhibited a lithium battery system solution for renewable energy vehicles and a new 4.2-meter van developed jointly with Dongfeng Special Auto.



The global automotive industry is ushering in a historic change. The Dongfeng 4.2-meter van, which is jointly developed by Narada and Dongfeng Special Automobile Company, has a full-load range of more than 200 kilometers. It is the best choice for city distribution, short-haul and special line transportation.

Narada pure electric truck lithium iron phosphate battery system equipped with trucks adopts 91.4Kwh power configuration, with excellent consistency, long cycle life and reliable connection between batteries. The battery design space has high utilization rate and high safety, while taking into account the later stage utilization.


On the exhibition, Gao Kai, general manager of Narada Renewable Energy Vehicle Motive Power Division, delivered a speech entitled “Proposal for Renewable Energy Logistics Vehicle Operation Plan” on the global green logistics industry conference.

He said that in recent years, more and more cities in China have imposed restrictions on traditional fuel vehicles, and the booming express delivery and other urban light goods businesses have formed a contradiction, which has led to the market demand for renewable energy logistics vehicles, but the cost of using renewable energy vehicles is still higher than that of traditional fuel vehicles. How to reduce costs has become the focus of attention.

Gao Kai explained to the guests how to reduce the comprehensive use cost of vehicles through upstream and downstream industry cooperation, collaborative innovation, battery recycling, etc., which triggered a strong response.







Narada on the List of Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises 2018

Friday, 28 Sep,2018 //

Recently, the List of Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises 201 was released, Narada was listed for the first time with an operating income of 8.663681 billion yuan. With the continuous strengthening of innovation practice, Narada has emerged in various lists at home and abroad.

It is reported that this is the 14th consecutive release of the list of “Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises” by the Chinese Enterprise Federation and the Chinese Entrepreneurs Association. The list is based on the business income of 2017.

In 2017, Narada achieved business income of 8.637 billion yuan, business income and net profit increased by 20.94% and 15.65% respectively, which further consolidating the position of Narada as a global leader in high-end industrial batteries and a pioneer in the field of smart energy.

In recent years, Narada has deployed smart energy storage and green travel business actively, steadily developed telecom and IDC backup power business, and expanded the industrial chain through resource recycling, achieving rapid growth in performance.

Narada on the list this time is the result of Narada’s insistence on carrying out all-round innovation and practice in the fields of market layout, business model, technology research and development, and management.


45 Days! Narada has built the largest pre-installed modular energy storage project worldwide

Thurday, 19th Jul, 2018 //

On July 5th, the 20MW/160MWh intelligent energy storage power station of Feida Group, which was deployed by State Grid Zhenjiang Power Supply Company, leased by State Grid Jiangsu Integrated Energy Service Co., Ltd., invested and constructed by Narada, successfully connected to the grid. This intelligent energy storage power station marking the modular pre-installed energy storage power station technology of China has entered the stage of large-scale application.


This power station is the key project of the State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power during peak load of summer, and it is also the largest modular pre-installed energy storage power station in China.

This power station is located in Jiangsu Danyang City, with a total area of 6,000m2and a construction scale of 20MW/160MWh. It is constructed in a modular form of the container. This energy storage system is connected to the 220kV substation of Feida Group from two grid points.


Faced with multiple difficulties of this project such as the large-scale and hard mission, but tight time. Narada cooperated with State Grid Zhenjiang Power Supply Company, State Grid Jiangsu Integrated Energy Service Co., Ltd. and Feida Group Zhongzhi Eastern Jiangsu Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., completed the project construction in 45 days, which provided a typical demonstration for large-scale distributed energy storage construction.


According to the forecast of Jiangsu Power Grid, the highest dispatched power load of Jiangsu Power Grid increased by nearly 10% year-on-year to reach 112 million kW in this summer. Jiangsu Power Grid will have power shortages during the peak-load of summer this year.

In order to ensure the safety of the large power grid, State Grid Jiangsu Power has deployed the construction of the eastern part of Zhenjiang, including the Feida Group substation intelligent energy storage power station, the largest user-side distributed energy storage project worldwide, and officially upgraded Jiangsu Power Grid to “The Large-scale Source-Grid-Load Friendly Interactive System


After the power station is connected to the grid, the annual energy storage capacity is about 52.8 million kWh. It will play the role of peak shaving, demand side response, backup power supply, power quality improvement, etc. without changing the total power consumption of Feida Group.。It will reduce the peak load of the power grid effectively, relieve the power supply pressure during the summer peak period, and ensure the high-quality, efficient and safe power supply of the power grid.


In addition, the power station will adopt the commercial operation mode to make use of the difference between industrial power peaks and valleys, so that the value of energy storage can truly become the cash flow of enterprises, helping enterprises to optimize electricity tariff management.

With the development of smart grid construction and integrated energy services, the power station will participate in the digitalization, informatization and scientific management of energy in the future, and become an important support for the modern energy industry system.


Another Achievement! Dongfeng Light Truck will be Equipped with Narada Battery

Tuesday, 17th Jul, 2018 //

In the first half of 2018, Narada cooperated with Dongfeng Special Type Automobile Co., Ltd. to innovatively developed a lithium iron phosphate battery system suitable for pure electric light trucks.

A few days ago, this batch of models have passed the test and will be mass-produced soon.


This system adopts the 91.4Kwh power configuration, which can achieve full-load cruising range of more than 200 kilometres. It is the best choice for urban distribution, short-haul and special-line transportation models.

This pure electric light truck can not only reduce the operating cost per kilometre with the use of Narada pure electric truck lithium iron phosphate battery system, but also achieve quiet driving without carbon dioxide.

In order to facilitate the customer experience of B-side and C-side, Narada will authorize relevant maintenance network to achieve timely service response, open up and perfect the official APP function to create an intelligent service system, providing a first-class service guarantee for online and offline customers.

Narada has been focused on the field of lithium battery for many years. Now it has mastered the key technologies of battery materials, electric energy systems and motive power systems, and has successfully completed the development and industrialization of the series product of lithium-iron phosphate batteries for new energy vehicles.

On this basis, Narada further completed the development of the ternary soft pack motive power battery and system assembly, forming a strong technical accumulation and system integration capabilities.

The successfully-tested model which cooperated with Dongfeng Special Type Automobile Co., Ltd. means that the technical level and overall strength of Narada in the field of lithium-ion battery systems for electric vehicles have been recognized by the industry. This cooperation has further enhanced the influence of Narada in the lithium-ion battery market for electric vehicles and will build the foundations for the business `development in the field of motive power batteries.


Narada Energy Storage Power Station Project Connected to Henan Grid-Side Passed Acceptance

Sunday, 15th Jul, 2018 //

On July 4th, the 100 MW battery energy storage demonstration project of Henan power grid – 9.6MW Xinyang Longshan 110KV substation battery energy storage demonstration project was successfully connected to the grid-side and passed acceptance, which was deployed by State Grid Corporation, State Grid Henan Electric Power Company, Pinggao Group Co., Ltd., and Narada provide complete pre-installed energy storage equipment.

This project is a distributed energy storage power station invested and operated by the power grid company, and Narada is the contractor of the energy storage complete set.

This project adopts the advanced pre-installed modular lithium iron phosphate energy storage technology, which is a typical application of Narada to enter the domestic power grid-side and has a huge impact in the development of its energy storage business.

In 2018, State Grid Henan Electric Power company selected 16 substations in 9 regions, such as Luoyang and Xinyang, to carry out the construction of the first grid-side 100 MW distributed battery energy storage demonstration project in domestic, which adopted the technical scheme of “distributed layout, modular design, unit access, centralized regulation and control”.

The peak-to-valley difference of Henan power grid accounts for about 40% of the maximum load. In addition, the rapid development of renewable energy in recent years has brought great challenges to the safe operation of power grids and power supply services. It will effectively alleviate these problems after this demonstration project is connected to the grid.

This demonstration project uses a lithium-ion energy storage system which was developed independently by Narada. There are 8 container-type battery energy storage units with a rated power of 1.2MW/1.2MWh. The system has the characteristics of modularization, standardization, quickness, low cost, high safety, etc. The transportation and installation are convenient and fast, from project design to acceptance and delivery, the whole project period is no more than 30 days.

This project is a new exploration of Narada in the grid-side energy storage market. As the first energy storage system provider of this project, Narada has realized efficient and high-quality delivery and successfully passed the acceptance, providing implementation experience for other grid-side projects and opening a new chapter for the construction of Narada storage power station.