Narada attended the 4th China Energy Storage Technology and Application Exhibition

On October 10, 2019, the 4th China Energy Storage Technology and Application Exhibition (CESE) 2019 was grandly opened in Shenzhen Exhibition Center. Narada arrived with its products and Mr. Wu Xianzhang, Vice President of the company, was invited to participate in the opening ceremony.

At this energy storage feast, Narada showed its lithium-ion energy storage technology, energy storage system and energy storage applications, as well as commercial energy storage projects. In addition to the display of products, systems and solutions, the VR experience is also set up. Visitors can promenade in the future technology city Xiba Energy Storage Power Station and Wuxi Singapore Smart Distribution Network Energy Storage Power Station,which showed the comprehensive strength of Narada. This exhibition featuring professional and technology has attracted many audiences and left a deep impression on them.


Liu Yanlong, Secretary of China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, Liu Yong, Secretary of Energy Storage Application Branch, and other experts visited Narada’s Booth. Wu Xianzhang gave a detailed introduction of Narada’s energy storage technology, products and applications. The achievement of Narada in the field of energy storage has been highly praised.


Meanwhile, in the “Sixth Energy Storage Technology Application Seminar in Distributed Power Supply and Microgrid”, Yu Jianhua, deputy general manager of Narada Energy Internet department, delivered a speech of“Value Analysis of Energy Storage Business Model”, and shared business models, application results, technological innovations and industry trends in the field of energy storage.


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Narada 25th anniversary Celebration

On September 21, 1994, Narada Power Source Co., Ltd. was established, which opened the prologue to the development of the company. On September 20th, the eve of the company’s 25th anniversary, Narada held a grand ceremony to award commemorative badges to employees of 20 years, 10 years, 5 years, and above 1 year old. In addition to the headquarters venue, Lin’an Production Center, Narada Power Technology, Anhui Transportation Management Center, Wuhan Narada, Guojian Narada, and Changxing Narada, six major venues were set up at the same time to celebrate our company’s 25th anniversary.









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NARADA MW-scale containerized lithium battery energy storage system qualified UL9540 certification

Narada Lithium-Ion Containerized Energy Storage System recently qualified the most stringent system-level safety certification in the world – UL9540!

According to statistics, only 16 battery companies in the United States, South Korea, Japan, China, and Israel have qualified UL9540 certification up to now, most of which are small-scale residential or commercial energy storage systems. Only two are MW- scale containerized energy storage systems. NARADA is the third in the world.


The energy storage system and equipment safety standard UL9540 (STANDARD FOR SAFETY, Energy Storage Systems and Equipment) is the highest safety standard in the energy storage system hierarchy. Passing UL9540 certification means an excellent recognition on a global scale.

Narada’s Lithium-Ion Containerized Energy Storage System integrates core equipment such as lithium battery system, battery management system, thermal management system, electrical distribution system, fire protection system, etc. It has the core advantages of high security and high reliability. The battery system uses a platform design to support high energy density and high flexibility. The internationally authoritative third-party certification organization has carried out comprehensive technical evaluation and rigorous testing on the design safety, electrical safety, battery safety, functional safety and environmental adaptation of Narada’s Lithium Energy Storage System, and certified its system to achieve global highest standard of storage energy UL9540. Narada’s Lithium Energy Storage System is increasingly favored by large international energy companies with its highly reliable system design and high security system guarantee.


The First Mobile Energy Storage Power Station Project in Zhejiang Officially Online

On August 8, a large-scale lithium-ion energy storage power station for Yuhang Future Science and Technology City’s electricity service was officially launched. The province’s first mobile energy storage power station project was officially connected today, which is another masterpiece of Narada.


The capacity of this power station is 2MW/4MWh, all of which are designed and built with the independent intellectual property rights of Narada. The power station has set up two double-split transformers with 1250 kVA and connected to the 110 kV oil truck substation in Yuhang District, Hangzhou.

The number of power users in the Future Science and Technology City area reached 140,000, including Alibaba, China Mobile, Holley and BGX Group etc.With the development of the Future Science and Technology City, the demand of electricity continues to increase, with an annual growth rate of 10-20%. From January to July 2019, the electricity sold was 905 million kWh, a year-on-year increase of 15%; the highest load was 488,000 kW, an increase of 19.57%.

This energy storage power station has the function of “shaving the peak and filling the valley”. This lithium-ion energy storage power station is officially launched, which effectively mitigating the electricity demand in the Future Science and Technology City.


As a leader in the domestic energy storage field, Narada has rich experience in design, integration and construction of energy storage systems. Narada delivered this project to the owner in just 20 days.

During the project acceptance process, the acceptance expert group gave a high evaluation of the process and quality of this project, and the power supply company also fully affirmed the technical capability and work coordination of Narada.


Narada has Won Two Awards at the 6th Global Solar +Energy Storage Conference & Expo


From July 9th to 10th, the 6th Global Solar + Energy Storage Conference & Expo was opened in Shanghai. With excellent product strength and mature project experience, Narada has won the “Top Ten Energy Storage Battery Supplier Award for Energy Storage Industry in 2019”, and Zhu Baoyi, President of Narada, won the “Energy Storage Industry Ingenuity Character Award in 2019”in the ceremony.


As a renewable enterprise entering the energy storage/microgrid market in the early stage, Narada has actively explored the market at home and abroad in various secenarios such as power grid side, power generation side and user side.

According to CNESA data, Narada ranked first in terms of installed capacity and power scale in China’s new electrochemical energy storage projects in 2018, and the influence of Narada brand was further enhanced.


Tan Jianguo,Deputy Chief Engineer of Narada


Narada awarded the “Energy Storage System Integrator” in the 5th Annual Global Solar + Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2019

Yesterday, Narada attended the 5th Annual Global Solar + Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2019 in South Korea, which is the most influential global industrial gathering and award ceremony in the field of solar and energy storage. And Narada awarded the “Energy Storage System Integrator” at the Annual Solar & Storage Awards Reception Night.




Narada Will Jointly Host the 9th China International Energy Storage Conference

Confirmed by the Organizing Committee of China International Energy Storage Conference, Narada will co-host the 9th China International Energy Storage Conference in 2019.

Narada has experienced more than 20 years of development. As a listed company, it has taken a leading position in the fields of intelligent energy storage and resource recovery.

According to the ranking of global battery manufacturers and energy storage solutions suppliers released by Bloomberg in 2017, Narada listed the world’s second largest in the 2017 energy storage scale list with a scale of 340MWh. In 2018, Narada total renewable energy storage and operation volume also ranked first in China


In 2018, Narada continued to maintain its leading position in the industry. There were 29 contracted contracts for the whole year, with a total contracted amount of approximately 3GWh; the commissioned projects increased by 80% year-on-year, and the newly added energy storage and commissioning volume ranked first in China.

Leading Industry Technology

Narada Power also masters the core technology of lead-carbon and lithium-ion energy storage batteries. Customers can choose the corresponding technical solutions according to different application scenarios and backup power.

Narada’s lithium-ion battery& lead carbon battery hybrid energy storage system taking into account the energy and power requirements of the energy storage system, which can meet peak shaving and frequency modulation requirements at the same time. This system has both fast response and at least 50% initial input cost compared to pure lithium battery systems.

In 2018, with the rapid development of the grid side energy storage market, Narada grabs grid-side energy storage market in China, and continuously won the bid for the grid-side demonstration project of Henan Power Grid, Hunan Power Grid, Jiangsu Tongli, etc. The grid-side energy storage scale of lithium battery of Narada ranked among the top three in China.



In 2019, Narada will continue to expand the global energy storage market.

Lead the Energy Storage Market

In 2018, Narada continued to blossom in the energy storage and other business areas with its innovative spirit and reliable product technology solutions.

In the field of energy storage, Narada’s user-side energy storage project has maintained a global leading position in 2018, and has built the largest modular pre-installed energy storage power station in China. At the same time, Narada achieved a major breakthrough in the grid-side, renewable energy generation side and other markets.


In 2018, Narada completed the construction and commissioning of Huabo Technology Phase II technical transformation project. After the production, Huabo Technology will become the world’s largest lead resource recycling plant


In the traditional telecom business, Narada’s overseas telecom lithium battery business continues to maintain industry leadership and achieve substantial growth. In the field of motive power, Narada actively explored new marketing models and achieved initial results.

Achieve Greater Value with the Platform

With the continuous optimization of energy storage system performance and rapid cost reduction, China’s energy storage has been initially commercialized in the rigid demand market such as power supply side, power grid side, user side, communication energy storage, emergency power supply, 5G and Internet of Things. After 2020, the market share of energy storage commercialization will increase rapidly.

According to RCESIP, the cumulative installed capacity of electrochemical energy storage in China is expected to reach 24GW in 2025, and the market share will reach 100 billion.

In order to further explore the research and layout of energy storage technology in the whole life cycle of high security, low cost, long life and resource reuse. To improve the construction of market price mechanism for energy storage value, and promote the technology of advanced large capacity energy storage system at a high proportion and build a market-oriented green technology innovation system. The China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association decided to jointly host the “9th China International Energy Storage Conference” with more than 70 related institutions at home and abroad. This conference was jointly organized by the China Energy and Physical Power Industry Association Energy Storage Application Branch and the China Energy Storage Network.

The person in charge of Narada said that China International Energy Storage Conference is one of the best platforms for Narada to introduce products, technologies and showcase brand strength to customers and media. Since 2013, Narada has participated in the China International Energy Storage Conference for six years.


The person in charge of Narada said that China International Energy Storage Conference is one of the best platforms for Narada to introduce products, technologies and showcase brand strength to customers and media. Since 2013, Narada has participated in the China International Energy Storage Conference for six years.


It is said that this conference will set up 13 special forums: international energy storage market and policy, interpretation of China’s energy storage and power system reform policy, energy storage power station and technology application, etc. During the period, the conference will also release the “2019 Energy Storage Industry Application Research Report”.

According to the person in charge of the organizing committee,the three-day conference will invite more than 120 industry experts and 1,500 representatives from China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions attend this conference.


Narada Participates in the EU Africa-aid Project to Ensure the Stability of Villagers’ Electricity Consumption

Mon,07 Jan, 2019 //

A few days ago, the EU Africa-aid energy storage project that Narada participated in was officially put into operation.

This photovoltaic off-grid project, which adopts the modular pre-installed energy storage power station solution provided by Narada, with plug-and-play function and direct access to local solar energy system.


Because of the poor energy infrastructure in Africa, resulting in power instability and high losses, it has seriously affected local life and economy. In the villages where the project is implemented, only 15% of the population uses electricity, and most of the villagers make a living by fishing.

Due to long-term power shortages, fishermen cannot store fish for a long time. The local economy and life are greatly affected, and the demand for electricity is very strong.

One site 200KW/400KWh energy storage system of this project can alleviate the shortage of electricity used by 500 local villagers, ensure the stability of power supply, and provide convenience for local life and economy.

Narada continuously promoted the scale-up of commercial energy storage projects, and achieved breakthroughs in distributed energy storage on the user side, distributed energy storage on the grid side, and demand side response.

This project will further promote the landing of Narada Energy Storage System in a variety of scenarios, which will have a profound impact on the future layout of Narada and promotion in the global energy storage market.


Narada Chief Engineer Wu Xianzhang Dialogued on the Future of Energy APAC Summit

Mon,3 Dec, 2018 //

From November 27th to 28th, the Future of Energy APAC Summit hosted by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) was held in Shanghai. At the important node of the industry’s transformation and development, a large number of industry elites and professional scholars have gathered together to make suggestions for the future development of new energy in China and even Asia. As the global leader in the green smart energy industry, Wu Xianzhang, chief engineer of Narada, was invited to attend the summit.

Mr. Wu Xianzhang talked about the achievements of Narada in the field of high-end industrial batteries in the theme forum of “Battery’s Coming of Age: Technology Disruption, Scale and Potential (Plenary)”, and discussed the future development direction of China’s battery industry and the innovation trend of battery technology.


“With the global energy resource crisis and climate change, countries are actively promoting energy reform.” Wu Xianzhang, said, “The new energy industry is becoming a promising sunrise industry, and battery technology will be the core to this transformation. Promoting sustainable development with smart energy and green energy is also a forward-looking expectation for Narada’s future. ”

When asked about the development trend of power lithium battery technology, he said that there are many technical routes in the industry, and any route may have a breakthrough in technology in the future, but it needs to reach technology to achieve commercialization. Economic, this requires the synergy of the industrial chain. Although the new generation of high-energy power battery systems such as lithium-sulfur, lithium-air and all-solid-state batteries started late, the development momentum is rapid, and it is possible to achieve leap-forward development in the future.

“At present, Narada is cooperating with Zhejiang University to actively explore in the field of all-solid-state lithium battery technology, and strive to overcome the key technical problems of solid-state lithium batteries such as low ionic conductivity and poor interface compatibility of solid electrolyte materials.”

He also said that Narada is actively developing the lithium battery market for civilian power lithium batteries and new energy vehicles, actively exploring the use of lithium elevators, conducting lithium-ion battery recycling and new materials business, and improving the layout of the lithium battery industry chain.

Speaking of energy storage battery technology, Wu Xianzhang mentioned that Narada is one of the few companies in the world that has mastered the core technologies of lead-carbon and lithium-ion energy storage batteries, and is a leader in the energy storage industry of the world. Users can select the corresponding technical solution according to different application scenarios and power backup time.

The hybrid energy storage system of lithium-ion battery and lead carbon battery of Narada, taking into account the energy and power requirements of the energy storage system, can meet the peaking and frequency modulation requirements. It achieves a fast response and reduces the initial input cost by at least 50% compared to pure lithium battery systems, which is highly praised by users.


45 Days! Narada has built the largest pre-installed modular energy storage project worldwide

Thurday, 19th Jul, 2018 //

On July 5th, the 20MW/160MWh intelligent energy storage power station of Feida Group, which was deployed by State Grid Zhenjiang Power Supply Company, leased by State Grid Jiangsu Integrated Energy Service Co., Ltd., invested and constructed by Narada, successfully connected to the grid. This intelligent energy storage power station marking the modular pre-installed energy storage power station technology of China has entered the stage of large-scale application.


This power station is the key project of the State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power during peak load of summer, and it is also the largest modular pre-installed energy storage power station in China.

This power station is located in Jiangsu Danyang City, with a total area of 6,000m2and a construction scale of 20MW/160MWh. It is constructed in a modular form of the container. This energy storage system is connected to the 220kV substation of Feida Group from two grid points.


Faced with multiple difficulties of this project such as the large-scale and hard mission, but tight time. Narada cooperated with State Grid Zhenjiang Power Supply Company, State Grid Jiangsu Integrated Energy Service Co., Ltd. and Feida Group Zhongzhi Eastern Jiangsu Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., completed the project construction in 45 days, which provided a typical demonstration for large-scale distributed energy storage construction.


According to the forecast of Jiangsu Power Grid, the highest dispatched power load of Jiangsu Power Grid increased by nearly 10% year-on-year to reach 112 million kW in this summer. Jiangsu Power Grid will have power shortages during the peak-load of summer this year.

In order to ensure the safety of the large power grid, State Grid Jiangsu Power has deployed the construction of the eastern part of Zhenjiang, including the Feida Group substation intelligent energy storage power station, the largest user-side distributed energy storage project worldwide, and officially upgraded Jiangsu Power Grid to “The Large-scale Source-Grid-Load Friendly Interactive System


After the power station is connected to the grid, the annual energy storage capacity is about 52.8 million kWh. It will play the role of peak shaving, demand side response, backup power supply, power quality improvement, etc. without changing the total power consumption of Feida Group.。It will reduce the peak load of the power grid effectively, relieve the power supply pressure during the summer peak period, and ensure the high-quality, efficient and safe power supply of the power grid.


In addition, the power station will adopt the commercial operation mode to make use of the difference between industrial power peaks and valleys, so that the value of energy storage can truly become the cash flow of enterprises, helping enterprises to optimize electricity tariff management.

With the development of smart grid construction and integrated energy services, the power station will participate in the digitalization, informatization and scientific management of energy in the future, and become an important support for the modern energy industry system.