“Hangzhou Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise” in 2019- Narada Power Source Co., Ltd.

On November 13, Hangzhou Market Supervision Bureau, Municipal Party Committee Advertising Department, Municipal Development Committee, and Municipal Civilization Office recently announced the list of “Hangzhou Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise” status had been awarded to Narada

In order to receive the “Hangzhou Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise” status, they must possess the following five conditions:

  1. Hangzhou Enterprise Credit Linkage Supervision (Grade A) with good credit image
  2. Exclusion from any type of blacklist
  3. Willingness to strengthen corporate credit management
  4. Good foundation
  5. Strong idea of credit construction and innovative ability

Narada managed to establish themselves as a credit management enterprise. As they stayed true to their core values (integrity, responsibility, innovation, and dedication). By using informative management system, utilization of credit management, and promotion of sustainable development helped to win the trust of other honorary enterprises.



2019 China Manufacturing Listed Companies Value Creation Top 500: Narada Power Source Co., Ltd

A few days ago, China Federation of Industrial Economics and the State Council SASAC Machinery Industry Economic Management Research Institute released the “White Paper on the Value Creation of Listed Chinese Manufacturing Companies in 2019” in Nantong, Jiangsu Province. Narada Power Supply was listed on the Top 500 Listed China Manufacturing Companies Value Creation 2019. With the strengthening of innovative practices, the company has appeared on various domestic and international lists.

Manufacturing is the foundation of a strong country. The list uses the four dimensions of capital, industrial, innovation, and social value of Listed Chinese Manufacturing Companies in 2019 as the criteria to balance and evaluate the value creation ability of enterprises.

Unlike many industries, the seemingly “conservative” manufacturing industry has been embracing cutting-edge technology. Narada has never stopped innovating in manufacturing. The company provides systematic products, solutions and operation services with advanced valve-regulated lead acid, lithium-ion, and fuel cells batteries as its core. Thus, it has became one of the leaders in various fields such as energy storage and resource regeneration.

Narada’s products and solutions fully support the transformation and upgrading of global energy. At the same time, Narada is also committed to transform innovative technologies into feasible productivity, opening up a new horizon for manufacturing, and to gain an advantage in assessing corporate value creation capabilities.

This ranking is the outcome of Narada’s long-standing adherence to high-quality development, industry’s recognition and affirmation of the company’s ability to create value.

Towards the future, the company will take “revitalizing of national energy industry” as its own mission, believing in high-quality, sustainable development to lead the transformation by using green ecology, and strengthen the development potential in the industry. Making important contributions to China’s transition from a large manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country.


Annotation 2019-09-27 092914

NARADA MW-scale containerized lithium battery energy storage system qualified UL9540 certification

Narada Lithium-Ion Containerized Energy Storage System recently qualified the most stringent system-level safety certification in the world – UL9540!

According to statistics, only 16 battery companies in the United States, South Korea, Japan, China, and Israel have qualified UL9540 certification up to now, most of which are small-scale residential or commercial energy storage systems. Only two are MW- scale containerized energy storage systems. NARADA is the third in the world.


The energy storage system and equipment safety standard UL9540 (STANDARD FOR SAFETY, Energy Storage Systems and Equipment) is the highest safety standard in the energy storage system hierarchy. Passing UL9540 certification means an excellent recognition on a global scale.

Narada’s Lithium-Ion Containerized Energy Storage System integrates core equipment such as lithium battery system, battery management system, thermal management system, electrical distribution system, fire protection system, etc. It has the core advantages of high security and high reliability. The battery system uses a platform design to support high energy density and high flexibility. The internationally authoritative third-party certification organization has carried out comprehensive technical evaluation and rigorous testing on the design safety, electrical safety, battery safety, functional safety and environmental adaptation of Narada’s Lithium Energy Storage System, and certified its system to achieve global highest standard of storage energy UL9540. Narada’s Lithium Energy Storage System is increasingly favored by large international energy companies with its highly reliable system design and high security system guarantee.


THE WINNER——Narada Received Four Energy Storage Awards

Thursday, 5th Jul, 2018 //

From July 2nd to 4th, Narada has won the “Global Excellence Developers Award” and other three energy storage industry awards at the China International Awards 2018, which held in Shanghai, for its outstanding performance in terms of technological innovation, brand influence and market competitiveness in the field of renewable energy storage


The president of Narada, Chen Bo has won the “Top Ten Outstanding Contribution Awards for China’s Energy Storage Industry in 2018” for he has led Narada to develop the energy storage industry and created a new era of commercial energy storage.

“The China International PV Storage Conference” is the first stop of Leader Associates global PV energy storage series in 2018. It is also the most influential industry conference and exhibition in the global PV storage industry. It is the vane of this field.

On July 2nd, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Opinions on Innovation and Improvement of the Price Mechanism for Promoting Green Development, and proposed to improve the formation mechanism of peak and valley electricity prices, and further increase the implementation of peak and valley electricity price policies to promote the development of energy storage industry.

Narada will adhere to innovative and sustainable development, create higher value for customers and provide more intelligent green energy to the world.

1. Top Ten Outstanding Contributions of China’s Energy Storage Industry in 2018——President of Narada, Chen Bo

2. Global Excellence Developers Award——Narada Energy Internet Operation & Management Co., Ltd

3. Global Excellence in Investors Award——Narada Energy Internet Operation & Management Co., Ltd

4. Best User Side Energy Storage Project Award for Energy Storage Industry in 2018——Narada Energy Internet Operation & Management Co., Ltd