Narada Received the Big Award in the Field of Energy Storage


A few days ago, China’s top 100 renewable energy enterprise in 2018 awarding ceremony was held in Nanjing. Narada, as a representative of outstanding renewable energy enterprise, was invited to attend and won the award of “Top 100 Leading Enterprises in China’s Renewable Energy Field in 2018”.


As a global leader in the energy storage industry, Narada has stood out among many participating companies with its outstanding performance in terms of technological innovation, brand influence and market competitiveness. Therefore, it won the big award of “2018 China Renewable Energy Storage Application Brand”.


It is reported that the selection was sponsored by the China Yangtze River Economic Belt Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing Industry Alliance and the Jiangsu Renewable Energy Industry Association. The organizing committee strictly examined and selected the winners after several months of evaluation.

In 2018, Narada keeping maintain its leading position in the industry. The investment projects increased by 80% year-on-year, and the total scale of renewable energy storage operations was the first in China.


In the field of energy storage battery technology, Narada has mastered the world’s leading technology. Customers can choose the appropriate technical solution according to different application scenarios and power backup time. From April 24th to 26th, Narada will jointly host the 9th China International Energy Storage Conference with the China Energy and Physical Power Industry Association Energy Storage Application Organization.


Narada will bring the latest energy storage technology solutions and products to meet with you again through the platform of China International Energy Storage Conference. And in the “Energy Storage Night”, which is exclusively named by Narada, we will further exchange and cooperate with you.

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