Narada project log of Germany PCR construction


    In 2017, Narada signed a contract with Upside Germany to build the FM energy storage station with a total capacity of more than 50MW and participated in PCR in Germany. The energy storage station will be completed at the end of June after nearly a year of preparation and commissioning.

    This project will provide frequency regulation for Germany power grid, stabilize the operation of the power grid, improve the reliability and flexibility of the power grid, and promote the integrated development of green energy in the future.

   Here is the construction log:

   In December 2017, completed the design and production of BESS system of the project.


In March 2018, completed the first system joint debugging.

In March 2018, the project cement base pouring site.

In April 2018, completed the level rolling work of cement base’s soil area.

In April 2018, completed the cleaning work of the equipment door cement base and pavement.

In April 2018, Container hoisting in Leipzig, Germany.

After hoisting

In April 2018, completed the fan housing installation.

In April 2018, The first batch of containers landed.

In June 2018, completed the overall project construction of the first phase of the project successfully.

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