Nandu Power Shortlisted in the Top 100 Enterprises in Zhejiang Province


 A few days ago, the Zhejiang Academy of Science and Technology Development Strategy and the Provincial Institute of Science and Technology Information jointly released the “Top 100 National High-Tech Enterprise Innovation Capabilities of Zhejiang Province in 2019” list. Nandu Power was shortlisted in the Zhejiang Top 100 High-tech Enterprise Innovation Capability List in 2019, and also became a top ten company in the field of new energy and energy-saving technologies.
By the end of 2018, there were 11,931 effective national high-tech enterprises in the province, and a total of 11,815 companies participated in the evaluation. According to the collected information and related data, the scientific methods demonstrated by the experts are used to rank the top 100 companies as the top 100 companies. On this basis, the top ten are selected for individual indicators and technical fields such as invention patents, research and development funds, main business income, research and development personnel, and new products. For the national high-tech enterprises’ innovation capabilities in the districts and cities, the top ten are selected.
In recent years, Nandu Power has actively deployed smart energy storage and green travel services, steadily developed communications and data services, and expanded the industrial chain through resource regeneration, achieving rapid growth in performance.
The entry into the list is the fruit of Nandu Power’s adherence to all-round innovation and practice in the areas of market layout, business model, technology research and development, and management. lolollolol

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