Excellence Award- Anhui Huabo Renewable Resources Technology Co., Ltd. Provincial Enterprise Technology Center


Recently, the Anhui Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology released the evaluation results of provincial enterprise technology centers in 2019.

The government utilises the Anhui Provincial Enterprise Technology Center to play a role in guiding enterprises to continuously improve their ability to innovate independently, establish dominant position in technological innovation and investment in technology. The company’s enterprise technology center helps to identify and give corresponding policy support.

Huabo Technology Enterprise Technology Center is an innovative platform built based on an industry leader with good innovation foundation, strong competitive advantages and driving force. It plays an important role in leading and supporting Anhui’s industrial transformation, upgrading, high-quality development and building an innovative Anhui Province.

Huabo Technology Enterprise Technology Center was awarded for its outstanding achievements in innovating resources, promoting implementation of scientific research projects, transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

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