Detail of 2016 Narada Technician Conference


Hangzhou, China, March 2016 — Recently, Narada technician conference was held in Li’an production center, with purpose to encourage our engineers and technician to continue with both model innovations and techniques innovations, so as to realize strategic transition of company.


▲At the conference site


▲Group picture of attendants

The theme of conference is:”Innovation, breakthrough, transition,transcendence.” The chief engineer of Narada, Mr.Wu Xianzhang, as host, gave a prologue:”During 20 years’ development, Narada is  always in leading position of technic innovation and research capacity, especially in recent years, Narada has put large efforts in strategic transition and received great achievements in fields of renewable energy, motive power…etc, thanks to positive contribution of all Narada technicians”


▲Narada Chief engineer Mr.Wu Xianzhang

“Facing future, Narada needs to accelerate the transition to cpme up with times, and continuously improve ability in system development and integration.”

Here are those wonderful reports from every expert:

Innovation of VRLA and system

Mr.Chen Jian has sorted out the VRLA products line applied in Telecom, Datacenter. Energy storage…etc. then further confirmed and defined the development guideline of future products with precisely positioning and standardization.


▲Dean of Narada VRLA R&D institute Mr.Chen Jian

“On one hand, Narada should continue to explore potential of VRLA batteries, and to develop VRLA products with high performance and high guality, to make progrss for whole battery industry.”

“On the another hand, Narada should follow the pace of times, focus on National key development, in order to enlarge our product lines and to provide our customers with best system solution.”

Innovation of Lithium-ion battery

Dean Li has reported the technology and material improvement of lithium battery, and the process about how to improve conformity, security of products.

He said that the lithium battery is key technology of future, and Narada should consider its direction, which should be with lighter weight and more integrated for system solution.


▲ Dean of Narada Lithium R&D institute Mr.Li Xiaoping

Innovation of Lithium-ion battery

Doctor Zhao Bo has analyzed the current status and system function of energy storage applicayion, also pointed out that we are still in junior stage of energy storage, which is mainly about demonstration projects at present.


▲Doctor Zhao Bo from Zhejiang electric power institute

He put forward some unique opinions about energy storage according to his specific knowledge and working enperience, as well as about how to utilize cloud platform, big data, to provide consulting service, to perform operation and maintenance for energy storage projrcts, which are quite useful for Narada technology.

Material Research for new battery and motive power


▲Professor Zhao Kening from Harbin Institute of Technology

Professor Zhao Kening shared us with the development trend of lithium battery as well as background knowledge of Na-S battery, full solid Li-battery, Li-air battery…etc. and pointed out that although there are various options for current Li-battery, their performance should be investigated and proven by real practices.

The key point of Narada transition is new technology and model

At the end, CEO Mr.Chen Bo has made comclusion for this technology conference, which is ” The key point of Narada transition and promotion is new technology and new model”.

He confirmed the technologic progress of VRLA and lithium battery, but also pointed out many problems of our batteries, such as: power deficiency in electric vehicles, low specific energy, high cost of lithium battery…etc.

“Now we are facing both chance and challenge from new business fields, like electric vehicles, new energy, data center…consequently we need to reinforce innovation voluntarily, make breakthrough in technology and improve quality and performance of products. It is necessary to try and change in technology, to propose new idea and new objectives, so that we can always lead development of the battery industry.”


▲Narada CEO, Mr.Chen Bo