China’s top 500 listed manufacturing companies in value creation 2019: why are Narada listed as professional households?


A few days ago, China Federation of Industrial Economics and the State Council SASAC Machinery Industry Economic Management Research Institute released the “White Paper on the Value Creation of Chinese Manufacturing Listed Companies in 2019” in Nantong, Jiangsu Province. Nandu Power Supply was listed on the Top 500 China Manufacturing Listed Companies Value Creation 2019. With the continuous strengthening of innovation practices, the company has appeared on various domestic and international lists.

Manufacturing is the foundation of a country and the foundation of a strong country. The list uses the four dimensions of capital value, industrial value, innovation value, and social value of Chinese manufacturing listed companies in 2019 as the short-listing criteria to comprehensively and balancedly evaluate the value creation ability of enterprises.

Unlike many people, the seemingly “conservative” manufacturing industry has been embracing cutting-edge technology. Nandu Power has never stopped innovation in manufacturing. The company provides systematic products, solutions and operation services with advanced valve-regulated sealed batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and fuel cells as its core, and has become one of the leaders in various fields such as energy storage and resource regeneration.

Nandu Power’s products and solutions are fully supporting the transformation and upgrade of new global energy. At the same time, Nandu Power is also committed to transforming innovative technologies into actual productivity, opening up a new blue ocean for manufacturing, and having obvious advantages in assessing corporate value creation capabilities.

This ranking is the result of Nandu Power’s long-standing adherence to high-quality development and the industry’s full recognition and affirmation of the company’s ability to create value.

Facing the future, the company will take “rejuvenating the national new energy industry” as its mission, unswervingly take the road of high-quality and sustainable development, lead the transformation and upgrade with a green ecology, and strengthen the development potential with the advantages of the industry. Powerful nations make important contributions.lolol

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