Another Achievement! Dongfeng Light Truck will be Equipped with Narada Battery

Tuesday, 17th Jul, 2018 //

In the first half of 2018, Narada cooperated with Dongfeng Special Type Automobile Co., Ltd. to innovatively developed a lithium iron phosphate battery system suitable for pure electric light trucks.

A few days ago, this batch of models have passed the test and will be mass-produced soon.


This system adopts the 91.4Kwh power configuration, which can achieve full-load cruising range of more than 200 kilometres. It is the best choice for urban distribution, short-haul and special-line transportation models.

This pure electric light truck can not only reduce the operating cost per kilometre with the use of Narada pure electric truck lithium iron phosphate battery system, but also achieve quiet driving without carbon dioxide.

In order to facilitate the customer experience of B-side and C-side, Narada will authorize relevant maintenance network to achieve timely service response, open up and perfect the official APP function to create an intelligent service system, providing a first-class service guarantee for online and offline customers.

Narada has been focused on the field of lithium battery for many years. Now it has mastered the key technologies of battery materials, electric energy systems and motive power systems, and has successfully completed the development and industrialization of the series product of lithium-iron phosphate batteries for new energy vehicles.

On this basis, Narada further completed the development of the ternary soft pack motive power battery and system assembly, forming a strong technical accumulation and system integration capabilities.

The successfully-tested model which cooperated with Dongfeng Special Type Automobile Co., Ltd. means that the technical level and overall strength of Narada in the field of lithium-ion battery systems for electric vehicles have been recognized by the industry. This cooperation has further enhanced the influence of Narada in the lithium-ion battery market for electric vehicles and will build the foundations for the business `development in the field of motive power batteries.


Narada Energy Storage Power Station Project Connected to Henan Grid-Side Passed Acceptance

Sunday, 15th Jul, 2018 //

On July 4th, the 100 MW battery energy storage demonstration project of Henan power grid – 9.6MW Xinyang Longshan 110KV substation battery energy storage demonstration project was successfully connected to the grid-side and passed acceptance, which was deployed by State Grid Corporation, State Grid Henan Electric Power Company, Pinggao Group Co., Ltd., and Narada provide complete pre-installed energy storage equipment.

This project is a distributed energy storage power station invested and operated by the power grid company, and Narada is the contractor of the energy storage complete set.

This project adopts the advanced pre-installed modular lithium iron phosphate energy storage technology, which is a typical application of Narada to enter the domestic power grid-side and has a huge impact in the development of its energy storage business.

In 2018, State Grid Henan Electric Power company selected 16 substations in 9 regions, such as Luoyang and Xinyang, to carry out the construction of the first grid-side 100 MW distributed battery energy storage demonstration project in domestic, which adopted the technical scheme of “distributed layout, modular design, unit access, centralized regulation and control”.

The peak-to-valley difference of Henan power grid accounts for about 40% of the maximum load. In addition, the rapid development of renewable energy in recent years has brought great challenges to the safe operation of power grids and power supply services. It will effectively alleviate these problems after this demonstration project is connected to the grid.

This demonstration project uses a lithium-ion energy storage system which was developed independently by Narada. There are 8 container-type battery energy storage units with a rated power of 1.2MW/1.2MWh. The system has the characteristics of modularization, standardization, quickness, low cost, high safety, etc. The transportation and installation are convenient and fast, from project design to acceptance and delivery, the whole project period is no more than 30 days.

This project is a new exploration of Narada in the grid-side energy storage market. As the first energy storage system provider of this project, Narada has realized efficient and high-quality delivery and successfully passed the acceptance, providing implementation experience for other grid-side projects and opening a new chapter for the construction of Narada storage power station.


THE WINNER——Narada Received Four Energy Storage Awards

Thursday, 5th Jul, 2018 //

From July 2nd to 4th, Narada has won the “Global Excellence Developers Award” and other three energy storage industry awards at the China International Awards 2018, which held in Shanghai, for its outstanding performance in terms of technological innovation, brand influence and market competitiveness in the field of renewable energy storage


The president of Narada, Chen Bo has won the “Top Ten Outstanding Contribution Awards for China’s Energy Storage Industry in 2018” for he has led Narada to develop the energy storage industry and created a new era of commercial energy storage.

“The China International PV Storage Conference” is the first stop of Leader Associates global PV energy storage series in 2018. It is also the most influential industry conference and exhibition in the global PV storage industry. It is the vane of this field.

On July 2nd, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Opinions on Innovation and Improvement of the Price Mechanism for Promoting Green Development, and proposed to improve the formation mechanism of peak and valley electricity prices, and further increase the implementation of peak and valley electricity price policies to promote the development of energy storage industry.

Narada will adhere to innovative and sustainable development, create higher value for customers and provide more intelligent green energy to the world.

1. Top Ten Outstanding Contributions of China’s Energy Storage Industry in 2018——President of Narada, Chen Bo

2. Global Excellence Developers Award——Narada Energy Internet Operation & Management Co., Ltd

3. Global Excellence in Investors Award——Narada Energy Internet Operation & Management Co., Ltd

4. Best User Side Energy Storage Project Award for Energy Storage Industry in 2018——Narada Energy Internet Operation & Management Co., Ltd


Narada’s Black Technology Of Energy Storage Shines Intersolar Europe

Thursday, 5th Jul, 2018 //

From June 20th-22nd, the most influent solar and energy storage exhibition in the world—-Intersolar Europe, was held in Munich, Germany.

During the exhibition, the products of Narada had become the focus quickly. Besides the highly sought-after energy storage FM service, the Home Energy Storage System of Narada has also become a highlight of the show, attracting attention.


With the increasing of renewable energy generation, especially photovoltaics and wind power, its intermittent and unpredictability lead to short-term deviations in power supply and demand, resulting in unstable grid operation quality, especially frequency fluctuations. The demand for frequency modulation from the grid will accelerate.

In response to the demand of the global frequency modulation, Narada has realized the peak shaving and frequency regulation and intelligent energy management on the power generation side and the user side, changed the out-of-box mode of power system, reduced the peak capacity of the generator set, improved the utilization rate of power generation equipment with an innovative container type modular design.

The home energy storage system of Narada has also received great attention at the exhibition. Narada provides users with a variety of options such as lead-carbon and lithium battery.

Meanwhile, users can also install the home energy storage system intelligent control system according to their own needs. The control system continuously switches and adjusts the working state of the energy storage system according to the change of sunshine intensity and load, thus ensuring the continuity and stability of the whole system.



Good news! Narada won “Top 100 Enterprise in China Light Industry” once again

Thursday, 5th Jul, 2018 //

At present, the TOP100 Enterprise in China Light Industry Forum sponsored by China National Light Industry Council in Beijing.

The Honorary List of “2017 China’s Top 100 Light Industry Enterprises” was released at the same time.  Narada was once again selected as the “Top 100 Enterprise in China Light Industry ” list of special capabilities, because of its comprehensive ability in products and technology.

As we all know, “TOP100 Enterprise in China Light Industry” is the authoritative list for evaluating the competitiveness of light industry enterprise, and is also an important standard for measuring the vitality of China’s light industry enterprise.

China National Light Industry Council will perform comprehensive assessments for 2017 annual participating companies on the basis of six indicators including market capacity, profitability, value capability, e-commerce capability, R&D capability and growth capability.

Narada as a representative of China’s new energy brands has emerged from a large number of participating companies with a strong technical background, market experience, and innovative ability. It has been listed in the honour list for many years. This is a strong testimony to the comprehensive strength of Narada.

With the increasingly prominent role of batteries in emerging industries such as communications and data services, green travel, and smart energy, the company’s new energy storage and other new areas have maintained rapid growth, and its profitability has continued to increase. The company’s R&D advantages have gradually improved. It is reflected in new business and has strong profit potential.

Narada also ushered in an unprecedented opportunity for good development and has a broader space for development.



Narada project log of Germany PCR construction

    In 2017, Narada signed a contract with Upside Germany to build the FM energy storage station with a total capacity of more than 50MW and participated in PCR in Germany. The energy storage station will be completed at the end of June after nearly a year of preparation and commissioning.

    This project will provide frequency regulation for Germany power grid, stabilize the operation of the power grid, improve the reliability and flexibility of the power grid, and promote the integrated development of green energy in the future.

   Here is the construction log:

   In December 2017, completed the design and production of BESS system of the project.


In March 2018, completed the first system joint debugging.

In March 2018, the project cement base pouring site.

In April 2018, completed the level rolling work of cement base’s soil area.

In April 2018, completed the cleaning work of the equipment door cement base and pavement.

In April 2018, Container hoisting in Leipzig, Germany.

After hoisting

In April 2018, completed the fan housing installation.

In April 2018, The first batch of containers landed.

In June 2018, completed the overall project construction of the first phase of the project successfully.


Proudly! The four major system integrators of global communications have all become customers of Narada —— Huawei, ZTE, Nokia, and Ericsson!

Recently, after Huawei, ZTE and Nokia, Narada officially became Ericsson’s global supplier and received the first batch of US$700,000 in system orders. It indicates Narada has entered all of the four global communications system integrators’ procurement list. It is an important milestone for Narada in the telecommunications industry.


Ericsson was founded in 1876 in Stockholm, Sweden. From the early production of telephones, program-controlled switches to today’s world’s largest mobile communications equipment business, Ericsson’s business in more than 180 countries and regions, is the world’s leading provider of comprehensive end-to-end communications solutions and professional services provider.

Narada has been providing a comprehensive and systematic product and solution for users for many years in the communications industry with industry-leading technology advantages. The battery for this time is the HTB series, that is suitable for cyclic discharge using in high temperature and off-grid areas.

Narada is working hard to become the pioneer of system solutions in the field of global information technology in the areas of backup power, new energy and smart grid energy storage power supplies, new energy automotive power supplies, and environmentally friendly resource regeneration, and providing solutions for smart energy and operation services.


Narada signed a Commercial Energy Storage Power Station of 400MWh

Recently, Narada has signed a contract with Zhongtian Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd to jointly implement a commercialized energy storage power station project with a capacity of 400MWh. The project has now officially commenced construction.



The project implements power demand side management for users and provides power quality improvement services while peaking and filling valleys, to suppresses load fluctuations effectively and realize value-added services for energy storage.


The project is the world’s largest single smart energy storage power station project after the Narada Wuxi Singapore Smart Distribution Network Energy Storage Power Station. It set a record for the scale of commercial energy storage power stations once again and marks the application of technology and solutions for large-scale energy storage power stations has matured.


Bloomberg: Narada has the second largest energy storage capacity in 2017

Recently, Bloomberg released the global ranking of 2017 energy storage battery vendors based on the database of energy storage projects of Bloomberg New Energy Finance.


BNEF has tracked a total of 1.6GW operating grid class energy storage project since 2015. Its proprietary energy storage database has at time of publishing over 1,600 projects.

The report specifically mentions that Narada had a successful year deploying its long-duration lead-carbon technology for large commercial & industrial applications in 2017. The most meaningful project is the Germany PCR project which has completed the first phase for 10MW, and the completion of the overall project will be completed by the end of this year.

Narada is one of the few companies in the world that has mastered the core technologies of lead-carbon and lithium-ion batteries. Through the exploration of commercial energy storage by Narada, it has been clarified that the application of electrochemical energy storage has matured in terms of scale, safety, economy, etc., and has formed a large-scale application.


   In the past two years, Narada has led the commercialization of energy storage and made China one of the most active energy storage applications in the world.


Herbert Giess strongly recommended lead-carbon technology in energy storage industry

Recently,Herbert Giess , who was recognized for his contribution to the lead and lead battery industries with International Lead Award at the Asian Battery Conference in Kuala Lumpur last year, received the interview with Batteries International.

Herbert Giess was the chairman of the International Electrotechnical Standardization Organization IEC/TC21. And he is the constitutor of the IEC 60896-21/22 VRLA battery international standard and the IEC 61427 energy storage international standard. He has served as executive chairman of the International Lead Acid Battery Conference many times.

Mr.Giess mentioned that lead-acid batteries can be used as a competitive solution in large-scale energy storage systems. And Mr.Giess is working with Narada on an ALABC project using the IEC61427-2 methodology to measure the performance of lead batteries and will present data that illustrate its strengths and weak spots and ultimately indicate that it can be very suitable.

He said, the main producer of lithium-ion cells, energy storage projects more commonly use lead batteries. One of the reasons of this is that some companies have developed VRLA/AGM type lead batteries capable of delivering many more 100%DoD cycles—around 1500 compared with the standard 300-800 typical of a battery used in Europe and the US.

What’s more, Narada has developed the REX-C battery, a carbon modified VRLA/AGM that is able to achieve good cycle life in the partial state of charge.

Lead acid battery, for many energy storage applications, is simply the better option and is more affordable.