Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Renewable energy including wind and solar power are increasingly being applied to grid and mico-grid applications but wind and solar power generated varies due to restrictions in use. Based on advanced lead carbon and lithium-ion battery technology, reliable Power control system (PCS) and intelligent remote monitor system (RMS), Narada provide integrated energy storage systems according to clients’ demands and needs. Our total energy storage solutions include energy power station, commercial ESS, HESS and Independent Street Lamp Systems.


Outdoor Cabinet

Narada Coolstar cabinet is designed to protect VRLA type lead acid batteries in telecommunication and photovoltaic energy storage applications against stressful ambient temperature conditions. The Coolstar energy efficient operation allows to significantly reduce equipment-cooling costs by targeting the thermal management efforts directly toward the 48V battery. Coolstar is ideal for countries with hot or tropical climate and for any location where cooling/heating energy is at a premium and its consumption has to be minimized.


The intelligent tracking management system of NARADA power is based on GPS monitoring at its foundation. The power tracking management system fully realizes the power of appanage management effectively curbing the threat of theft making it especially vital for use in the power supply, security and scientific management sectors to provide protection. GPS anti-theft solution can avoid stealing by increasing theft crime cost and risk, whose main features are camouflage,economical,smart and aviability.


The battery management module of NARADA power is an intelligent system which can fully understand battery status through measuring and recording every single battery voltage and temperature. With features including measure and monitor every single battery voltage timely, measure and monitor parts of battery temperature timely,give and alarm and record alarm when there is voltage or temperature exception timely and accurately. The battery management module can give an alarm and record this alarm when there is a voltage or temperature exception. For use in the power supply, security and scientific management environments to provide protection.

Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell
A fuel cell is a device that converts the chemical energy from a fuel into electricity through a chemical reaction with oxygen or another oxidizing agent. Narada FCP fuel cell power system is designed to be used as a UPS, battery charger, backup power system, stand-alone power generator providing electricity to homes, solar hybrid solution and has several military applications & remote applications. Narada FCP fuel cell is a power system with features such as an environmental friendly power generator, generates electricity with zero emissions of CO, NOx and particulates. It can increase customer comfort level – reduced noise, smell and emission levels. With stable &quick; start operation and minimal maintenance and low requirement on the environmental temperature, etc.

Chief engineer of Narada made a speech at 2016 GEI



On 30th March 2016, the International Conference on Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) was solemnly opened with the theme that to fulfill power requirement globally in clean and green way. The GEI was mainly held by China State Grid, United Nations action on climate change, IEA (International Energy Agency) and EEI (Edison Electric Institute)….etc. with presence of over 600 representatives from government, industrial association and related institutes in more than 26 countries.


2016 International Conference on Global Energy Interconnection (GEI)


The chairman of State Grid, Mr. Liu Zhenya mentioned that: the global energy interconnection consists of grid of ultra-high voltage, smart grid and clean energy, which is an open and shared energy system with low-carbon content, high efficient economy and continuous supply, and is the only path to realize sustainable development for human beings.

The vice general secretary of UN, Mr. Wu Hongbo pointed out that: UN will actively take GEI as an important solution against climate change and organize every related party to improve the development of GEI together.


Chief engineer of Narada Mr. Wu gave the speech


The chief engineer of Narada, Mr. Wu Xianzhang has been invited to this conference and he made a speech with the theme of Lead-carbon battery —- a novel solution for energy storage. He said that Narada always insists on the path of development, which can build up a global energy interconnection, and satisfy the power requirement by smart means.

“Energy storage is a quite important section of GEI and as a leader of storage industry, Narada is now upgrading its business model, from battery product to system solution, then to synthetic operation and service”

“Energy storage is a quite important section of GEI and as a leader of storage industry, Narada is now upgrading its business model, from battery product to system solution, then to synthetic operation and service”

“Narada mastered the technology of energy storage very early in the industry, and continuously promote its commercialization. As a key part of storage system, the Narada lead-carbon battery has been researched and developed for many years, whose cycle life and charge performance is highly improved, while economical enough for commercialization, which have been widely proved in many storage projects.

“With development of solar, wind and other renewable energy, Lead-carbon battery has got a bright future in this “green industry” because of no consumption of earth resource. The limited energy can only be utilized at maximum when it could be stored properly!”

“In future, I hope Narada would be one of important parts of GEI” said Mr. Wu


Narada acquired the quality certificate of ISOTS16949

Narada Power recently has received the quality certificate of ISO/TS 16949:2009 (IATF NO.: 0233914; CASC NO.: 2016A107, Valid from 15th Mar. 2016 to 14th Sep.), issued by China Jiuding Automotive Supplier Certification Co., Ltd. which signifies that Narada got “green passport” to supply batteries to automotive market.

ISO/TS 16949:2009 is the technical specification for international automotive industry, made by IATF (the International Automotive Task Force), based on ISO 9001 standard and according to specialty of automotive industry, with the objective to continuously improve supply-chain development of automotive industry, to emphasize fault prevention, and to reduce waste and deterioration in quality management.


The ISO/TS 16949:2009 certificate for Narada

The certificate is mainly about design and manufacture of the lithium-ion battery, which symbolizes that the Lithium products of Narada, design or manufacture process, totally meet the technical specification of ISO standard, that is quite helpful for Narada batteries in the market promotion and competition.


Detail of 2016 Narada Technician Conference

Hangzhou, China, March 2016 — Recently, Narada technician conference was held in Li’an production center, with purpose to encourage our engineers and technician to continue with both model innovations and techniques innovations, so as to realize strategic transition of company.


▲At the conference site


▲Group picture of attendants

The theme of conference is:”Innovation, breakthrough, transition,transcendence.” The chief engineer of Narada, Mr.Wu Xianzhang, as host, gave a prologue:”During 20 years’ development, Narada is  always in leading position of technic innovation and research capacity, especially in recent years, Narada has put large efforts in strategic transition and received great achievements in fields of renewable energy, motive power…etc, thanks to positive contribution of all Narada technicians”


▲Narada Chief engineer Mr.Wu Xianzhang

“Facing future, Narada needs to accelerate the transition to cpme up with times, and continuously improve ability in system development and integration.”

Here are those wonderful reports from every expert:

Innovation of VRLA and system

Mr.Chen Jian has sorted out the VRLA products line applied in Telecom, Datacenter. Energy storage…etc. then further confirmed and defined the development guideline of future products with precisely positioning and standardization.


▲Dean of Narada VRLA R&D institute Mr.Chen Jian

“On one hand, Narada should continue to explore potential of VRLA batteries, and to develop VRLA products with high performance and high guality, to make progrss for whole battery industry.”

“On the another hand, Narada should follow the pace of times, focus on National key development, in order to enlarge our product lines and to provide our customers with best system solution.”

Innovation of Lithium-ion battery

Dean Li has reported the technology and material improvement of lithium battery, and the process about how to improve conformity, security of products.

He said that the lithium battery is key technology of future, and Narada should consider its direction, which should be with lighter weight and more integrated for system solution.


▲ Dean of Narada Lithium R&D institute Mr.Li Xiaoping

Innovation of Lithium-ion battery

Doctor Zhao Bo has analyzed the current status and system function of energy storage applicayion, also pointed out that we are still in junior stage of energy storage, which is mainly about demonstration projects at present.


▲Doctor Zhao Bo from Zhejiang electric power institute

He put forward some unique opinions about energy storage according to his specific knowledge and working enperience, as well as about how to utilize cloud platform, big data, to provide consulting service, to perform operation and maintenance for energy storage projrcts, which are quite useful for Narada technology.

Material Research for new battery and motive power


▲Professor Zhao Kening from Harbin Institute of Technology

Professor Zhao Kening shared us with the development trend of lithium battery as well as background knowledge of Na-S battery, full solid Li-battery, Li-air battery…etc. and pointed out that although there are various options for current Li-battery, their performance should be investigated and proven by real practices.

The key point of Narada transition is new technology and model

At the end, CEO Mr.Chen Bo has made comclusion for this technology conference, which is ” The key point of Narada transition and promotion is new technology and new model”.

He confirmed the technologic progress of VRLA and lithium battery, but also pointed out many problems of our batteries, such as: power deficiency in electric vehicles, low specific energy, high cost of lithium battery…etc.

“Now we are facing both chance and challenge from new business fields, like electric vehicles, new energy, data center…consequently we need to reinforce innovation voluntarily, make breakthrough in technology and improve quality and performance of products. It is necessary to try and change in technology, to propose new idea and new objectives, so that we can always lead development of the battery industry.”


▲Narada CEO, Mr.Chen Bo


0.3billion RMB Contract with Changan Auto

Hangzhou, China, March 2016 — A few days ago, at 9th March 2016, Narada Power Source Co., Ltd and Chang’an Auto have signed a sales contract with total amount 0.3billion RMB, about lithium-ion battery. Chang’an Auto will purchase LFP batteries from Narada for their electric vehicles.


▲Communication and negotiation


▲Contract signature site


▲Technical protocol signature

In year 2015, the EV industry in China has grown tremendously, with total annual turnover of 379 thousands, which is four times than 2014. China is already thelargest EV market. Thanks to national policy and improvement of related infrastructures, the EV market will be enlarged continuously, as a result, high-end customers of lithium battery will also increase, so Narada will get a big chance in bussiness development of lithium battery.

Because of development of li-battery for many years, Narada has totally controlled the key  technology of battery materials, power system as well as dynamical system, and accomplished industrialization of LFP series products for electric vehicles, moreover developed the ternary battery together with its system assembly, which attracts a lot of important EV clients.

This sales contract for Chang’an Auto will affect positively the business performance of Narada in 2016, which means Narada has been highly approved and recognized on aspects of li-battery technology and system assembly. In future, Narada will deepen and reinforce cooperation with those important EV clients, so as to achieve more significant objective.


Strategic cooperation with Dongfeng Shenyu

Recently, Narada Power and Dongfeng Shenyu have signed an agreement about strategic cooperation in electric vehicle industry, especially in powertrain system (battery, electric motor, electronic controlling). Both parties will build up a R&D platform together for powertrain system by means of the advantages in research and production from each party, in order to realize technical progress and industrial upgrading for both of them.



Signature ceremony for cooperation agreement

Dongfeng huayu is the filial company of Dongfeng group, who is one of the largest vehicle groups in China, who has involved itself in R&D and production of EV at very early stage, and equipped with a complete production line and inspection line, which is a big advantage in EV competition.

On 1st March 2016, The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has brought forward the policy about popularization and utilization of electric car and on 24th Feb. the premier Mr. Li Keqiang announced a strategy with five steps to further  support EV industry.
According to statistics of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), in Feb. 2016, the production yield of China EV industry is 377937 pcs and sales volume is 35726 pcs, which is 1.7times of a corresponding period of last year. That means: the golden era for EV has arrived in China.


The production basement of Dongfeng Shenyu

After signature of the agreement, Narada and Dongfeng huayu shall reinforce the strategic cooperation in EV industry, share resources and advantages mutually, which helps a lot to enhance enterprise influence, to speed up large-scale development in EV business for both parties.