Narada won the 2019 Cloud Computing Center Technology Awards for Excellence

Recently, the 2019 Data Center Market Annual Conference hosted by Green Data Center Technology Committee was held in Beijing. Narada’s HRL series high-power battery won the “2019 Cloud Computing Center Technology Award Excellence Award”.



In recent years, with the rapid development of cloud computing, big data, edge computing, 5G and other information technologies, the amount of data has increased geometrically.

In the future, the data center will inevitably move toward the direction of modularization, and the data center battery can only adapt to the future modularization requirements of the data room if it is developed in the direction of high power, long life, narrow shape and modularity.

Through the scientific design and careful selection of materials, Narada has innovatively developed the HRL series of high-power batteries that are currently most suitable for data center use.

This battery uses an embedded grid alloy suitable for the data room. By reducing the maintenance difficulty of the battery, reducing the float current of the battery, and improving the float life of the battery, the battery energy consumption can be reduced and the operation and maintenance cost of the battery pack can be reduced. The purpose is to achieve both energy saving and carbon reduction.

The actual case proves that Narada’s HRL high-power battery has increased its power by 35%, the floor area is reduced by 30%, the battery load-bearing demand is reduced by 20%, the carbon emission is reduced by 37.5%, and the primary cost is reduced by 15%. It brings great economic benefits to users and are ideal for future modular UPS power battery configurations.


The energy storage capacity and power scale of Narada ranked first in 2018

Recently, the China Industrial Association of Power Sources Energy Storage Application Branch released the “2019 Energy Storage Industry Application Research Report”. Narada’ s installed capacity and power scale ranked first in China’s new electrochemical energy storage projects in 2018.

The white paper not only analyzes the pattern and situation of the domestic and international energy storage market of 2018, but also publishes the ranking of China’s newly-invested electrochemical energy storage of 2018.

As it can be seen from the rankings, Narada has taken the leading in terms of new installed capacity and power scale, ranking first in the two rankings.

2018 has become a crucial year for China’s energy storage development. The energy storage market of China has achieved another round of rapid growth. The cumulative installed capacity of electrochemical energy storage has exceeded GW. The proportion of energy storage in the grid side and auxiliary service market has increased significantly, and energy storage applications have been fully rolled out in various fields.

Since 2016, the company has actively explored and promoted the commercialization of energy storage. Based on the economy of lead-carbon batteries, it has developed a domestic FM-based market for domestic users and overseas power. Based on lithium battery system integration technology, it has expanded its energy storage applications on the grid side.

The well-tested Narada’s energy storage system technology has entered a mature application stage.

Based on the closed loop of the existing industry, Narada will continue to iterate system solutions, expand cost advantages, and contribute wisdom and strength to the exploration of energy storage commercialization and service to the global integrated energy market.


Narada won the award of Global Leading RES Project

Recently, the German CleanTech Institute (DCTI), an internationally renowned clean energy industry analysis organization awarded the “Global Leading RES Project” award to Narada, to recognize our technology leadership and demonstration role in the global energy storage industry.


German Cleantech Institute is the world’s leading analytical agency for the clean energy industry. Since its inception in 2008, it has continued to provide analysis and forecasting for the global clean energy industry and has selected several categories of annual new energy project awards.


The judging committee conducted comprehensive evaluations from various dimensions such as project influence and technological innovation, and finally awarded this international award to Germany’s FM energy storage PCR project of Narada.

The project located in the suburb of Leipzig, Germany. The initial construction capacity is 75MW. The first phase of the project has passed the certification and audit of the German power grid, and has officially participated in the European frequency grid primary frequency auxiliary service.


“Narada has accumulated a lot of practical experience in customizing high-quality energy storage solutions for customers. Narada Germany Frequency Regulation Energy Storage Project is one of the projects we are proud of.” Wu Xianzhang, vice president of Narada, said, “It is proved that Narada is a global leader in the development and delivery of innovative energy storage solutions once again.”

In 2018, the company continued to maintain its leading position in the industry. Market share and brand awareness have reached new highs, construction and commissioning capacity is about 1GWh, and investment projects are up 80% year-on-year. The newly added energy storage and commissioning volume is the first in China.

At the same time, with the rapid advancement of the grid-side energy storage market, Narada has fully developed the domestic grid side energy storage market, and the lithium-ion grid side-to-ship capacity ranks among the top three in China.

Narada has also solved the practical problems of using electricity and high electricity costs for products all over the world through products and solutions.

At present, Narada has provided nearly 100 demonstration and industrial energy storage solutions for global partners. In 2019, Narada will further optimize its overseas layout and open up overseas markets.


Narada signed an agreement with Prologium to promote the industrialization of solid state lithium battery

Recently, Narada and Prologium signed an early authorization agreement in Hangzhou. We reached a preliminary agreement on the licensing of solid-state lithium battery production technology. It is expected to start operation after signing a formal cooperation agreement at the end of this year.


At the beginning of the cooperation, the two companies will be positioned in the solid-state lithium battery for energy storage applications. Prologium will provide production licenses to Narada, and will authorize solid-state battery cell production technology with an energy density of about 240Wh/kg to provide core equipment and materials for production. And assist in the planning and guidance of the plant.

Narada will become the exclusive authorized partner of Prologium in the energy storage market.

Based on Prologium ‘s high-automated production technology of solid-state batteries and market resources accumulated in the field of energy storage, Narada will gradually promote the industrialization of solid-state lithium batteries and plan to enter the electric vehicle market after commercialization of solid-state lithium batteries for energy storage.


Based on the advantages of safety and energy density, solid-state batteries have become an important direction for the development of lithium batteries in the future.

Through this strategic cooperation, the two parties will combine their respective superior resources to carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation from technology to business, in order to achieve mutual complementarity and achieve a win-win goal.


Narada Received the Big Award in the Field of Energy Storage

A few days ago, China’s top 100 renewable energy enterprise in 2018 awarding ceremony was held in Nanjing. Narada, as a representative of outstanding renewable energy enterprise, was invited to attend and won the award of “Top 100 Leading Enterprises in China’s Renewable Energy Field in 2018”.


As a global leader in the energy storage industry, Narada has stood out among many participating companies with its outstanding performance in terms of technological innovation, brand influence and market competitiveness. Therefore, it won the big award of “2018 China Renewable Energy Storage Application Brand”.


It is reported that the selection was sponsored by the China Yangtze River Economic Belt Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing Industry Alliance and the Jiangsu Renewable Energy Industry Association. The organizing committee strictly examined and selected the winners after several months of evaluation.

In 2018, Narada keeping maintain its leading position in the industry. The investment projects increased by 80% year-on-year, and the total scale of renewable energy storage operations was the first in China.


In the field of energy storage battery technology, Narada has mastered the world’s leading technology. Customers can choose the appropriate technical solution according to different application scenarios and power backup time. From April 24th to 26th, Narada will jointly host the 9th China International Energy Storage Conference with the China Energy and Physical Power Industry Association Energy Storage Application Organization.


Narada will bring the latest energy storage technology solutions and products to meet with you again through the platform of China International Energy Storage Conference. And in the “Energy Storage Night”, which is exclusively named by Narada, we will further exchange and cooperate with you.


5G is Coming! Narada 5G Telecom Power Solution Support Build Smart City

As the key carrier of the future “Internet of Everything”, 5G technology is regarded as the “stone” of smart city construction in the industry, and will provide VR virtual reality industry, 360° panoramic video live broadcast, telemedicine industry, unmanned autopilot industry, Internet of Things strong network support.


2019 will be the first year of 5G commercial use. It is expected that the 5G network of China’s three major telecom operators will cover the whole country by 2021.The development speed of 5G is much higher than that of 4G and 3G. Therefore, Narada has adopted a more comprehensive layout strategy in this regard.


Narada has been continuously tracking the new requirements of 5G technology for power systems, and has developed new products and solutions adapted to the 5G base station model in time to adapt to the new demands of network convenience and security in the 5G era.


Narada 5G communication power solution is a backup power system with high security and reliability specially developed for 5G communication base station. It is superior to traditional 4G solution in power density, specific energy and battery intelligent management, and adopting international advanced technology.The system uses lithium iron phosphate technology with higher safety and reliability, and the cycle life is more than 10 times that of traditional lead-acid batteries. The battery system is highly integrated, the mass energy density is more than 5 times that of the conventional battery, and the volumetric energy density is more than 3 times, which greatly reduces the space occupied and the load bearing demand.


Narada 5G communication power system also adopts advanced intelligent battery management system, which can remotely monitor the running status of equipment through the Internet, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc. It has the functions of timely monitoring, diagnosis, prevention and protection of the power system, greatly improving the security of power supply. In addition, Narada 5G communication power system adopts modular design. The system adopts different external interfaces for installation and expansion. It can be installed in standard rack installation and pole-mounted, which can be quickly deployed in 5G base stations, greatly accelerating the deployment speed of 5G base stations.


“This system adopts IP65 and above waterproof level and corrosion resistance, and has thermal management system such as heating and cooling. It can be installed in harsh outdoor environment and is used normally at -30 °C ~ 65 °C”. Narada related technical experts said.


At present, Narada has completed the development of 5G communication power system, and is currently cooperating with international telecom giants. With the expansion of 5G commercial, this system will be more widely used in the 5G telecom market at home and abroad.


At the same time, in the promotion of base station energy-saving systems, Narada will combine energy storage technology, energy-saving and emission reduction schemes, intelligent monitoring systems and the construction of traditional communication equipment rooms together to form a new application models and system solutions to promote the transformation of business models.


Narada’s Start and Stop Batteries Fully Listed

The combination of high temperature and lead-carbon technology has brought about a leap in batteries, Narada’s start-stop battery leads technological revolution.


In August 2018, Narada officially launched the “Narada AGM start-stop battery”, giving it the first innovation “high temperature + lead carbon” technology, which greatly enhanced the stability of the battery while breaking through the performance.

The excellent performance of Narada AGM start-stop battery since its inception has become the standard equipment for many models. It can be seen that product innovation and technological revolution are the source of industry development.

The chief designer of Narada start-stop products said that this start-stop battery, which combines the wisdom of global experts, has a cold start performance of more than 35% compared with the traditional start-stop battery, and the cycle life is increased by 200%, effectively solving the slow start of the battery in the start-stop battery market. , heat-resistant, not durable and other user pain points.

In the previous product test, Narada AGM start-stop batteries with excellent deep discharge performance, cycle time and starting ability. Even in high temperature environment, it can be used normally and no longer loses water.

It is said that the Narada AGM start-stop battery uses the world’s leading AGM technology, AGM battery uses glass fiber separator, excellent performance, can maintain strong power output even in the most demanding environment. At the same time, AGM’s lean liquid design prevents acid stratification and is 100% maintenance-free.

In addition, the Narada AGM start-stop battery combines the key technologies of the two major batteries that Narada has overcome – high temperature technology and lead carbon technology.

The traditional VRLA batteries are very sensitive to temperature, and the optimum operating temperature is 20 – 25 C. After more than three years of dedicated research and development, through a number of technological innovations, Narada successfully launched high-temperature battery technology in 2011. This technology fills the gap in the industry, reaches the international leading level, and has won a number of innovation awards.

High temperature environments can accelerate battery aging. The start-stop battery that incorporates the high-temperature-resistant technology can work normally at a high temperature of 55 ° C, effectively solving the problem that the traditional battery is easy to aging and easy to lose water in a high temperature environment.

Since 2010, Narada has conducted research on high-energy super-battery technology, and cooperated with the People’s Liberation Army Institute of Chemical Defense and Harbin Institute of Technology. The lead carbon technology of Narada has reached the international advanced level in terms of carbon material technology and high specific power performance, and the innovative products have obtained 12 patent technologies. The Narada AGM start-stop battery combines the carbon material with the lead of the traditional anode material to form a composite anode, which greatly improves the battery’s rapid charge and discharge capacity, high rate charge and discharge performance and cycle life.


Narada Will Jointly Host the 9th China International Energy Storage Conference

Confirmed by the Organizing Committee of China International Energy Storage Conference, Narada will co-host the 9th China International Energy Storage Conference in 2019.

Narada has experienced more than 20 years of development. As a listed company, it has taken a leading position in the fields of intelligent energy storage and resource recovery.

According to the ranking of global battery manufacturers and energy storage solutions suppliers released by Bloomberg in 2017, Narada listed the world’s second largest in the 2017 energy storage scale list with a scale of 340MWh. In 2018, Narada total renewable energy storage and operation volume also ranked first in China


In 2018, Narada continued to maintain its leading position in the industry. There were 29 contracted contracts for the whole year, with a total contracted amount of approximately 3GWh; the commissioned projects increased by 80% year-on-year, and the newly added energy storage and commissioning volume ranked first in China.

Leading Industry Technology

Narada Power also masters the core technology of lead-carbon and lithium-ion energy storage batteries. Customers can choose the corresponding technical solutions according to different application scenarios and backup power.

Narada’s lithium-ion battery& lead carbon battery hybrid energy storage system taking into account the energy and power requirements of the energy storage system, which can meet peak shaving and frequency modulation requirements at the same time. This system has both fast response and at least 50% initial input cost compared to pure lithium battery systems.

In 2018, with the rapid development of the grid side energy storage market, Narada grabs grid-side energy storage market in China, and continuously won the bid for the grid-side demonstration project of Henan Power Grid, Hunan Power Grid, Jiangsu Tongli, etc. The grid-side energy storage scale of lithium battery of Narada ranked among the top three in China.



In 2019, Narada will continue to expand the global energy storage market.

Lead the Energy Storage Market

In 2018, Narada continued to blossom in the energy storage and other business areas with its innovative spirit and reliable product technology solutions.

In the field of energy storage, Narada’s user-side energy storage project has maintained a global leading position in 2018, and has built the largest modular pre-installed energy storage power station in China. At the same time, Narada achieved a major breakthrough in the grid-side, renewable energy generation side and other markets.


In 2018, Narada completed the construction and commissioning of Huabo Technology Phase II technical transformation project. After the production, Huabo Technology will become the world’s largest lead resource recycling plant


In the traditional telecom business, Narada’s overseas telecom lithium battery business continues to maintain industry leadership and achieve substantial growth. In the field of motive power, Narada actively explored new marketing models and achieved initial results.

Achieve Greater Value with the Platform

With the continuous optimization of energy storage system performance and rapid cost reduction, China’s energy storage has been initially commercialized in the rigid demand market such as power supply side, power grid side, user side, communication energy storage, emergency power supply, 5G and Internet of Things. After 2020, the market share of energy storage commercialization will increase rapidly.

According to RCESIP, the cumulative installed capacity of electrochemical energy storage in China is expected to reach 24GW in 2025, and the market share will reach 100 billion.

In order to further explore the research and layout of energy storage technology in the whole life cycle of high security, low cost, long life and resource reuse. To improve the construction of market price mechanism for energy storage value, and promote the technology of advanced large capacity energy storage system at a high proportion and build a market-oriented green technology innovation system. The China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association decided to jointly host the “9th China International Energy Storage Conference” with more than 70 related institutions at home and abroad. This conference was jointly organized by the China Energy and Physical Power Industry Association Energy Storage Application Branch and the China Energy Storage Network.

The person in charge of Narada said that China International Energy Storage Conference is one of the best platforms for Narada to introduce products, technologies and showcase brand strength to customers and media. Since 2013, Narada has participated in the China International Energy Storage Conference for six years.


The person in charge of Narada said that China International Energy Storage Conference is one of the best platforms for Narada to introduce products, technologies and showcase brand strength to customers and media. Since 2013, Narada has participated in the China International Energy Storage Conference for six years.


It is said that this conference will set up 13 special forums: international energy storage market and policy, interpretation of China’s energy storage and power system reform policy, energy storage power station and technology application, etc. During the period, the conference will also release the “2019 Energy Storage Industry Application Research Report”.

According to the person in charge of the organizing committee,the three-day conference will invite more than 120 industry experts and 1,500 representatives from China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions attend this conference.


Invitation! Narada at 2019 MWC Barcelona

Narada welcomes you to join us at our booth at 2019 MWC Barcelona (1C35, Hall 1). Here, we will show you 5G new product and Lithium battery as well as other star products. Also, you can meet our experts to talk about the technology and trends of the communication industrial.

You’re warmly invited to NARADA Cocktail Party on 26-27 Feb at 4-6pm!