Anhui Province Smart Factory Certification 2019- Anhui Huabo Renewable Resources Technology Co., Ltd.


A few days ago, Anhui Provincial Department of Economics and Information announced that Anhui Huabo Renewable Resources Technology Co., Ltd. (AHRRT), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Narada Power Source Co. Ltd, lead recycling smart factory was identified as “2019 Anhui Smart Factory”.

In recent years, AHRRT had envisioned of a smart factory that meets the requirements of “Anhui Province Smart Factory Identification Management Method”. Combined with “Huabo Technology Smart Factory Construction Planning” and its management expertise, it has revolutionized the guidelines of a smart factory. Thus, becoming a model for future smart factories to learn from and replicate.

AHRRT’s lead recycling smart factory project has became a model in terms of overall design, process flow and layout, which can realize visualization of production process data, optimization of production process, full-process monitoring, logistics control, energy flow, physical properties and assets. The integration of data acquisition, monitoring system and establishment of manufacturing execution system helps to achieve effective management of the factory’s procurement process.

During the construction phase, UGNX three-dimensional digital innovation platform was adopted and help the company to improve its product development, innovation and management capabilities.

Through continuous improvement, AHRRT has fulfilled dynamic optimization in production process, manufacturing visualization , management information and significantly improved the intelligence level in terms of resource allocation, process optimization, control, industrial chain management, energy saving, emission reduction and safe production.

AHRRT’s lead recycling smart factory meets the standards and requirements of “Made in China 2025”, providing innovative ideas for lead recycling factories, which serves to improve the modern and intelligent manufacturing factories.

This certification has demonstrated that the company’s determination to implement and develop smart manufacturing.

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